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Legacy Bricks

Sacred Heart Legacy Bricks allow you to leave your mark on the Sheridan Road Campus, and return to see your name for years to come. Legacy Bricks are a wonderful way to commemorate your family's time here at Sacred Heart, or to celebrate milestone events such as:

  • First Communion
      • Confirmation
      • Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduation
      • Prize Day
      • Retirement of a favorite teacher or coach
      • In memory of a deceased SHS community member

      Legacy Bricks are installed on the Sheridan Road Playground each summer, so new bricks are ready at the start of each new school year.

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      The Schools are entirely self-supporting and do not receive subsidies from the Catholic Church or the Society of the Sacred Heart. As a 501 (C) (3), not-for-profit institution, gifts to Sacred Heart (Federal Tax ID #36-2170839) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. All gifts made between July 1 and June 30 are recognized in our Annual Report, mailed in the fall each year.

      Goal: $9.7M
      Total Raised: $8.6M

      campaign leadership

      Honorary Chairpersons
      Lydia & Patrick Ryan, Jr. H‘81

      Elizabeth & Michael Cole
      Elizabeth & Matt Connelly
      Eleanor & Michael Husman H‘89
      Lisa & Jeff Jozwiak
      Shawna & Jay Owen, Jr.
      Maureen & Ron Sippel

      Primary School Representatives
      Laura & George Bilicic
      Katie & Nicholas Davies
      Carolyn & Yale Henderson
      Sarah & Kip Kelley H‘78
      Erin & Christopher O’Brien
      Carrie & Matt Parr
      Emily & Christopher Raub
      Robyn & Ward Sexton
      Kristen & Stefan Szczerba

      Lower School Representatives
      Liz & Dan Bayston
      Catherine & Matthew Denny
      Stephanie Nash Hart & Paul B. Hart
      Colleen & Eric Mansell
      Jona & Rod Penner
      Christine & Jay Poorman
      Heather Bolton & Jason Vedder

      Middle School Representatives
      Michaela & Pete D’Arrigo
      Jaala & Brian Good
      Christy & Carson Kyhl
      Maura & Bill Starshak

      Grandparent Representatives
      Jim & Cate Denny
      Jim & Joan Haggarty Eggers ASH'55
      Mary & Bill Goodrich
      Neil F. Hartigan H'51
      Kay Husman
      Martin May
      Cathie & Allan Ryan

      Parents of Alumni Representatives
      Colleen & Michael Kirchberg

      Alumni Representatives
      Christopher Doolin H‘00
      Lisa Evans Scully ASH‘83
      Peter Wall H‘85
      Joey Yao H‘86

      Board Development Committee
      Lisa Tiemann, Chair

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