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Living our Mission


Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat considered the service of education as the primary means by which the Society would carry on its mission of communicating the love of the Heart of Jesus. For her, education was never the end. The end was to make God’s love known and to rebuild the fractured world in hope; the means was forming young people to intelligent faith, compassionate action and courageous hope. St. Madeleine Sophie and the RSCJs that came after her believed that an exemplary education must expand both the mind and heart. Today's Sacred Heart is committed to carrying this legacy forward.


Sacred Heart Schools on Sheridan Road - the Academy of the Sacred Heart for Girls (founded in 1876) and Hardey Preparatory for Boys (founded in 1935) - are independent, Catholic, single-sex elementary schools committed to academic excellence within the context of a Christian community. Sacred Heart welcomes students of all races, religious beliefs and socio-economic backgrounds. This educational mission is deeply rooted in the 200-year tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart and shared with the Network of Sacred Heart Schools located on every major continent, including 25 schools in the United States and Canada.

Goals and Criteria

The essence of this educational vision and tradition is articulated in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools in the United States and Canada. This year, Sacred Heart Schools is focused on Goal IVSchools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to the building of community as a Christian value.

An In-Depth Look at the Goals and Criteria