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Fall Sports

Explore the athletic options we offer students in the fall!

Winter Sports

Explore the athletic options we offer students in the winter!

Spring Sports

Explore the athletic options we offer students in the spring!

Sacred Heart Schools are dedicated to educating girls and boys mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our athletic program is an integral part of the educational program of the school, which views the athletic activities on the playing fields and courts as an extension of the classroom. In all aspects – classrooms, hallways and fields of play – we strive to educate our children in accordance with the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart tradition. 

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We believe that athletics is an invaluable tool in the development of students. Participation in athletics allows students the opportunity to establish a lifelong healthy lifestyle, while instilling certain values and ideals. Athletics present students the opportunity to experience the relaxation that sports bring to the body and mind and the thrill of success, as well as learn to deal with disappointment and adversity.

Athletics teaches the importance of commitment, mastery of skills, self-discipline, self-sacrifice and self-confidence, while fostering critical interpersonal skills, such as leadership, cooperation, communication and empathy.

Sacred Heart offers competitive sports for Academy and Hardey (grades 3-8) in the fall, winter and spring. The Schools' mascots are the Academy Wildcat and Hardey Falcon.

Athletics Calendar

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The Culture of SHS Athletics

Experience Joys of School Sports: As an extension of the students’ education, SHS Athletics are not intended to serve as a training ground for developing elite athletes.

Develop Positive Character Traits: Winning is important and will be emphasized at all levels. More important than winning, however, is using the sports experience to help our students learn life lessons.

Community and Values: Our Athletics Program is structured to foster the Goals and Criteria of an SHS Education. At younger age groups, the development of the individual is more important than winning. As our students mature and develop, there will be a greater emphasis on winning, but we will never lose sight of Sacred Heart’s values.

Winning Within the 5 Goals

Vision and Mission: SHS is dedicated to educating mentally, physically, and spiritually

Athletics is an integral part of the educational experience, instilling important values and ideals: Commitment, mastery of skills, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, self-confidence, leadership, cooperation, communication, empathy

Provide a high quality athletics experience in which every student: Plays and learns the sport(s) of choice, instilled with knowledge and skills necessary to actively participate, develops fundamentals and improves, feels like part of the team, feels supported by coaches, who serve as positive role models, develops and fosters a positive self-image and self-confidence

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For questions, reach out to
Margot DiMuzio, Athletic Director