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Parent Retreat

Tending to the Relationships that Matter Most: Communicating Care in Times of Distress

with Ann Garrido

The past two years have been years we will never forget. Ever-changing Covid-19 protocols. Racial justice protests. Political upheaval. Work place changes. Much as we try to keep it out, the discord of the wider world naturally finds its way into our living spaces, creating tension with the very people we value most.

As part of the larger Sacred Heart community, we take consolation in knowing that our educational charism emerged in similarly challenging times. Drawing on research from the Harvard Negotiation Project about effective communication practices in tough situations, Ann Garrido will help us once again take up Mother Barat's call to "Courage and confidence!"

Thursday, March 10, 10:30 am-12:30 pm


Chapel, Sacred Heart Schools Sheridan Road Campus