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Plan to join us for another fun-filled Quiz Night in support of Sacred Heart Sheridan Road.

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Executive Producer $10,000

  • Nancy and Erwin Aulis
  • Matt and Tiffany Lovell
  • Matt and Gloria O’Meara

Producer $5,000

  • Patricia and Christos Giannoulias
  • Yale and Carolyn Henderson
  • Terese and Ed Lomasney
  • Anonymous

Director $2,500

  • Michael and Holly Demaray
  • The Everest Family
  • Darin and Chelli Facer
  • Beth and Ryan Garino
  • Sarah and Dan Jamieson
  • Isabel and Jason Karceski
  • Cindy and David Knapp
  • Molly and Jeff Lowe
  • Drew and Kasey Macha
  • Greg and Yana Moldovanyi
  • Chris and Erin O'Brien
  • Susie and Joe Silich

Screenwriter $1,000

  • Ryan Andrews and Hannah Watts
  • The Arch Family
  • Graham and Alyssa Blackwell
  • Allan and Therese Boquiren
  • Paula and Greg Bork
  • The Burns Family
  • Edward and Elizabeth Coleman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Cremer
  • Kristen & Charlie Denison
  • The Donabrew Family
  • Shannon & Steve Dorton
  • Angie and Geoff Euston
  • Jill and Timothy FitzSimons
  • Sean and Lisa Haas
  • Carol Ingall
  • Stacy and Neill Jakobe
  • Kelly and John Kelly
  • Amy and Craig Korte
  • Courtney and Troy Melstrom
  • David and Stacy Mondrus
  • Josh Niedner and Jen Bergquist
  • Chris and Emily Raub
  • Sarah Catherine and Peter Rossmann
  • Fiona and Randall Royer
  • Emily and Jeff Savas
  • Heather and Mike Shaffer
  • Kara and Chris Sheaffer
  • Kathleen and Alex Steele
  • Lisa and Ted Stevens
  • The Wall Family
  • Semere G Weldendrias, Rahel T Zerazion

Key Grip $500

  • The Aeschliman Family
  • Jessie and David Aw-Zoretic
  • Tom and Ericka Baran
  • Wendy & Steve Beard
  • Caryn and Jonathan Borg-Breen
  • Chris and Rebecca Brokmeier
  • Jack and Jenny Brown
  • Sophia and Andy Christensen
  • Chris and Kate DeLeeuw
  • David and JoAnn Falato
  • Ann Chiumino and Evan Knott
  • The Leutheusers
  • Sun Shin and Ben Liu
  • Emily and Chris Lund
  • Jeff and Laura Malec
  • Stephanie and Perry Marchant
  • Kelly and Sado Marinovic
  • Charlie and Katie McMahon
  • Amy McCarty and Tim Mikesell
  • Katie and Brian Phelan
  • Peter and Caroline Ruestow
  • Paul Ruscheinski and Melaina Prest
  • David and Maribeth Somers
  • Ravi and Terri Soni
  • Tom Starshak and Summer Avery
  • Meg Steele
  • James Sumoski & Alicia Newland
  • Jack Theis and Uma Amuluru
  • Tiffany Harper and Graham Thomas
  • The Toepke Family
  • Lisa and Jeff Wissink
  • Anonymous

For further information, please contact the Quiz Night Co-Chairs:
Holly Demaray, Shannon Dorton, and Cindy Knapp.