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Tomás Díaz-Lee Memorial Fund for Experiential Learning

At Sacred Heart, field trips like kayaking, Ropes, Space Camp and Washington, DC are unforgettable, milestone learning opportunities. However, not all families can afford them. The Tomás Diaz-Lee Fund offers support.  

Created by alumni in memory of a beloved teacher, the fund helps every child experience learning beyond the classroom. 

Give here so that everyone is fully included in the Sheridan Road experience. 

The Organizing Committee thanks you for your support.
Paula Nichols Bork A'89, ASH'93
Helena Plaminek A'84, ASH'88
Jane Steinfels ASH'92
Teresa (Tiffany) Villa-Ignacio A'89, ASH'93
Toni-Marie Gonzalzles Wahlberg A'89, ASH'93

About Tomás Díaz-Lee 

Tomás taught at the Academy of Sacred Heart High School from 1981 until its closure in 1993. He encouraged learning outside the classroom through field trips, travel and study abroad.

He encouraged us to dream and set goals and then challenged us to go further. 
- Jane Steinfels ASH'92

He fostered open-mindedness, inclusiveness and mutual respect inside and out of the classroom.
- Helena Plaminek A'84, ASH'88

This fund not only honors Mr. Diaz-Lee, but all the incredible teachers I had in my 12 years on Sheridan Road who encouraged me, listened to me, educated me and challenged me. This is just one small way I can pay it forward to the next generations.
- Paula Nichols Bork A'89, ASH'93

It's gratifying to see how the fund connects us - and Tomas - with the new generations.
- Teresa (Tiffany) Villa-Ignacio A'89, ASH'9


Support the 

Tomás Díaz-Lee Memorial Fund for Experiential Learning