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2019-20 GOAL AWARD

Sacred Heart Schools joyfully announces that the 2019-20 Goal Award will be awarded to Lisa Damour, PhD.

Sixteen years ago, Sacred Heart began celebrating its mission by recognizing a person or organization in the larger Chicagoland community whose life and work exemplifies one of the Goals of Sacred Heart education. The 2019-20 award focuses on Goal V: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

Previous Goal Award Recipients

2019 Goal IV: RefugeeOne
2018 Goal III: Susan Maxwell, RSCJ
2017 Goal II: Wenche Haverkamp
2016 Goal I: The Jesuit Community of Loyola University
2015 Goal V: Family Matters
2014 Goal IV: Howard Area Community Center
2013 Goal III: Care for Real
2012 Goal II: Josephine Lee, Chicago Children’s Choir
2011 Goal I: Steve Bumpus
2010 Goal V: Helen Bruns Ryan
2009 Goal III: Mikva Challenge
2008 Goal IV: Inspiration Corporation
2007 Goal I: Msgr. Kenneth Velo, Big Shoulders
2006 Goal II: Dr. Constantine Mavroudis & Dr. Carl Backer, Children’s Memorial Hospital
2005 Goal V: Sr. Rosemary Connelly, Misericordia/Heart of Mercy
2004 Goal III: Shirley Ryan, Pathways Foundation