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Statement on Equity and Inclusion

The following statement was created in 2017-18 by a committee composed of faculty, staff and parents appointed by the Head of Schools. The statement was approved by the Sacred Heart Board of Trustees in April 2018.

Sacred Heart Schools Statement on Equity and Inclusion

Rooted in the mission of the international network of Sacred Heart Schools and in our identity as a Catholic school for families of all faiths, Sacred Heart Schools-Sheridan Road is committed to ensuring that each member of our community can flourish spiritually, intellectually and personally, secure in the knowledge that they are loved as a child of God and will be treated with respect and dignity.

We are guided by the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education, which call us to advance equity and inclusion through the daily exploration of faith, intellect, service, community and personal growth. We endeavor in all school activities—academic, social and extracurricular—to foster equity and to empower each student to thrive, fully supported in his or her own unique talents, within an environment of genuine love and care. Our aim is to develop compassionate and culturally competent young women and men who will make positive contributions to their local communities and society at large.

Sacred Heart Schools is further committed to the work of ensuring that our community—encompassing Board members, administration, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and students—honors each member’s gifts and celebrates the ways in which we differ. We acknowledge the many enduring values that we as a community share, and assert that our differences in ability, learning style, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and family structure not only reflect the rich fabric of human experience, but offer opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Goals and Criteria
of a Sacred Heart Education

Goal I:
A personal and active faith in God

Goal II:
A deep respect for intellectual values

Goal III:
A social awareness which impels to action

Goal IV:
The building of community as a
Christian value

Goal V:
Personal growth in an atmosphere of
wise freedom