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Recent Episodes



Episode 19 - Parent Education Spearker, Sr. Nancy Kehoe 
The first 2019-20 Parent Ed speaker was Sheridan Road alumna and Harvard professor Sr. Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ, PhD. She spoke to our Middle School students about antidotes to stress and anxiety and with parents about ways to help minimize stress in children's lives.

Sr. Kehoe graduated from the Academy in 1955 and in 1956 entered the Society of the Sacred Heart. After teaching for 10 years at both Woodlands and the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Cincinnati, she went to Boston to study for her doctorate in psychology. She did a postdoctoral internship at one of Harvard's teaching hospitals and then had a private practice for 23 years. She currently is a part-time Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.


Episode 18 - Elizabeth Connelly - Past Parent and 2019 Haggarty Award Winner 
Elizabeth Connelly, the 2019 Sr. Carol A. Haggarty, RSCJ ASH'59 Leadership Award winner is our next podcast guest. As part of a Sacred Heart legacy family and parent of four Sheridan Road alumni (A'08, H'10, H'13, A'18), Mrs. Connelly has been an integral part of the school for almost 20 years. Whether as a classroom volunteer, committee member, or chair of both the Board of Trustees and Masterpiece Campaign, Mrs. Connelly has devoted her time and talent to Sheridan Road.



Episode 17 - Anthony Nichols - Alumnus and Seiker Award Winner 
Our first episode of the season features Anthony Nichols H'54, the 2019 Seiker Award winner, and his daughter, Paula Bork ASH'93. As a Hardey alumnus, proud parent, and grandparent to current students, Mr. Nichols addresses what Sacred Heart-Sheridan Road was like 70 years ago and how the school has changed and remains the same. Ms. Bork talks about how her father's pride in his own school affected her upbringing, her attendance at Sacred Heart’s high school, and why she sent her own children to Sheridan Road.



Episode 16 - 8th Graders Give Advice and Reflect on their Sacred Heart Education 
What could be more fitting than to end the academic year with a podcast featuring four of our Sacred Heart graduates from the Class of 2019? Sitting down to talk on the The Heart of Sheridan Road, were Academy students Luka Dalecki and Alex Kerr as well as Hardey students Teddy Braman and Will Farrell.

The conversation was wide-ranging and covered several topics—from the students' experience of single-gender classrooms and which Goal has had a special meaning for them, to choosing a good high school and what they will miss most about Sacred Heart. They even shared some wise advice geared to younger siblings, students in other grades, and parents.



Episode 15 - 2015 Alumnae Return for our College Reveal 
In this episode, three alumnae discuss their fond memories of Sacred Heart, how the Sacred Heart experience prepared them for high school, and what is next for their quickly-approaching college experience this fall. Listen to how the love and community of Sacred Heart follows each child, supports them once they leave our doors, and welcomes them back when they return as adults.







Episode 14 - Sacred Heart's Fine Arts Program and the Spring Musical 
Sacred Heart encourages students to become well rounded and reach their full potential by offering a variety of academic, athletic, and arts opportunities. In this podcast, we discuss the Fine Arts program with a focus on the Middle School Spring Musical. Give a listen as we discuss why the arts are important and what makes Sacred Heart's Fine Arts program so special.


Episode 13 - Sister Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, Visits Sheridan Road
We were lucky enough to have Sr. Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ as our guest on this episode of The Heart of Sheridan Road! Listen now to hear Sr. Cooke, RSCJ discuss the Sacred Heart education, her own upbringing in a Sacred Heart school and her thoughts on Sheridan Road.







Episode 12 - ISACS Accreditation and Sacred Heart
As an independent school, Sacred Heart undergoes a regular process of self-reflection every seven years in order to ensure that it is meeting the standards set by its accrediting organization, ISACS. This lively conversation with Dawn Klus, Director of Accreditation, provides details of the process of accreditation and its value to member schools.


Episode 11 - Sacred Heart Preschool
We are thrilled to talk about one of the most significant things to happen at Sacred Heart on Sheridan Road. We are bringing Sacred Heart education to 3- and 4-year old students in Fall 2019. In this podcast, educators discuss their passion for education and how they will creatively brighten the hearts and minds of children in the Sacred Heart tradition.




Episode 10 - Dissecting Differentiation: How does Sacred Heart do it?
Sacred Heart educators discuss how the goal is always to help the student to succeed, but the route taken may be different. Whether a student is gifted in a particular area or challenged, teachers and staff, including teaching assistants, reading support specialists, the Enrichment Coach and instructional coaches, collaborate to determine how best to support and enrich that student's learning.








Episode 9 - Sacred Heart Parents Share Their Wisdom
"It takes a village to raise a child." In this podcast, we talk about part of the village that raises our Sacred Heart children and are lucky enough to be joined by four Sacred Heart parents who discuss how Sacred Heart supported their child and their whole family through the years. Sacred Heart values and prioritizes the partnership between parents and educators to support the full development of each child.



Episode 8 - 2018 Graduates Reflect on Their Sacred Heart Experience
From extracurricular activities and some of their fondest memories to giving their 1st-grade buddies some advice, these soon-to-be graduates shed light on what it is like to be a student of the Sacred Heart and what that means for their futures outside of these walls.


Episode 7 - Dr. Borba on Teaching Empathy to Empower Our Children
In this podcast, we discuss the importance of teaching children empathy with Dr. Borba, whose work focuses on strengthening children's empathy and resilience, and creating safe, compassionate school cultures. Dr. Borba offers parents and educators practical ways to activate empathy and raise children who demonstrate compassion, courage and the conviction that they can make a positive difference in our world.

For more information on empathy and other important factors facing children today, you can visit Dr. Borba's website at


Episode 6 - School Counselors on Sheridan Road
How do Sacred Heart's School Counselors ensure that each child's mind, body and heart are growing? What goes into their day-to-day work? What is the full scope of their services when helping the entire student body from struggling to accelerating students? We discuss this and more with our school counselors.

Sacred Heart is proud to provide Parent Education events to support our parent population as their children grow. As mentioned in this podcast, Michele Borba will be joining us for our next Parent Education event and all parents are encouraged to attend.


Episode 5 - Sacred Heart: A Catholic School for All Faiths
This conversation focuses on Holy Week, the preparation for Sacraments, and how Sacred Heart Schools embraces its Catholic foundation while maintaining an inclusive environment for students of all faiths.


Episode 4 - Sacred Heart on Sheridan Road and the Sacred Heart Network
Claire Lorentzen, Director of Mission Communications for the Conference of Sacred Heart Education, joins us to discuss the Conference of Sacred Heart, the International Network of Sacred Heart and the benefits member schools and students receive.



Episode 3 - Sacred Heart on Sheridan Road and the Edgewater Community
We are excited to start Share the Heart Month by inviting our Alderman, Harry Osterman, and Sacred Heart's very own Director of Inclusion and Engagement, Bridget Couture, to discuss Sacred Heart's engagement with the community of Edgewater in Chicago.



Episode 2 - Justice Day: We All Live Here
Enjoy our special, bonus podcast in honor of Justice Day 2018! We celebrated Justice Day by bringing in Rich Alapack, founder of the We All Live Here Project. We learned how to embrace our neighbors, better our world, and solve some of our biggest problems together instead of alone.




Episode 1 - Instructional Coaching
Learn about what goes on in the world of instructional coaching. Why it is important, how our faculty benefits from it, and why our students are grateful for it all thanks to our Masterpiece Campaign.