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Title IX Policies and Procedures

Because the Schools has always made it a priority to ensure that all students, employees, and community members are treated in a fair, non-discriminatory manner, the changes required by these new obligations under federal law are largely procedural and not substantive. Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, the Schools is implementing new additional policies to avoid any questions about the Schools' continued compliance with applicable law. 

These policies augment, but do not replace, the existing Schools' policies and procedures. Further, we expect that these new policies and procedures will be in place only for the term of the federal loan, at which point, the Schools will plan to send you follow-up communication notifying you that these policies are no longer in place. During that period, however, any conflict between the above-listed policies and the Schools' existing policies should be resolved in favor of the above-listed policies. Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding Title IX or any other non-discrimination policies, or how these policies apply to the Schools, you should contact our Human Resource Director, Audra Berger, who will be serving as our Compliance Coordinator for these purposes.

As we continue to work together to navigate these challenging and uncertain times, we will keep you apprised as to any further changes to our policies and procedures.