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Middle School, Grades 6-8

Toward independence and self-reliance

Middle School moves from the homeroom setting of the younger grades into a departmentalized structure that features academic specialists for each subject area. The course work is demanding. Students tackle important and enduring writers like Homer and Shakespeare. They delve deep into the history of both the ancient and modern worlds. Science focuses on content (what we know) and process (how we come to know it) with investigations ranging from Elements and the Periodic Table to Invertebrate and Vertebrate Adaptations. The math curriculum takes students through Algebra I. Art, music, drama, foreign language (French or Spanish), technology, physical education and religion round out the curriculum.

The Middle School supports the needs of students to question and explore, to define their beliefs and move toward self-reliance. The program is structured along lines that allow each student to discover positive ways to earn the respect of their peers. Students build a sense of personal worth based on competence and meaningful participation.

While adolescents need room to discover their own identity, they also need the security of clear boundaries and caring adults willing to serve as mentors in this process.

An Advisory Program provides each student with a special adult advocate. Selected faculty members at each grade level serve as advisors to small groups of students, meeting with them daily to explore topics of special importance in early adolescence. On a regular basis, advisors also meet together as a team to plan activities, share insights and ensure a consistent, thoughtful experience for all students at each grade level.

Middle School faculty appreciate adolescents' natural life progression. They are prepared to take on the roles of mentor and coach, creating opportunities for Middle School students to make decisions, articulate personal goals and meet the challenge of leadership as they prepare for high school and beyond.

The Sacred Heart Approach

The primary goal of the Sacred Heart Middle School program is to provide the widest possible range of intellectual and social experiences to early adolescents. Teachers, recognizing many learning styles, will adapt different approaches to different students to better prepare them for the rigorous demands of a college-prep high school and for life.


Nat Wilburn
Head of Schools

Dan Gargano
Head of Middle School

Sally Sharp
Head of Student Life

Marjie Murphy
Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Kayla Risko

Catherine Nimtz

Academy 7 - Nora Mangan
Academy 8 - Katie Lowry
Hardey 7 - Jen Bozyk
Hardey 8 - Hollis Babbles

Language Arts
Elizabeth Swisher

Hyacintha Thomas (7-8)
David Gusaas (7-8)
Michelle Kruse (6-8)
Tom Steele (7-8)
Sonia Samra (6)

Justin Nixon
Alex Makris

Physical Education
Scott Flubacker

Jackie Beale-DelVecchio

Jill Burns (7-8)
Elizabeth Killacky (6)
Lexi Pond (6-8)

Social Studies and Life Skills
Betsy Simpson (6)

Cristina Filicky

Student Services
Paula Fusco, Enrichment Coordinator
Eileen Hannigan, Student Services
Caitlin Pultz, Student Services

Technology Integration Specialist
Priti Parekh