Catholic, Independent Elementary Schools Serving Chicago's Children Since 1876



The Network of Sacred Heart Schools is nationally known for the excellence of its academic programs. Sacred Heart-Sheridan Road is accredited as in independent school and is affiliated with several organizations.


Sacred Heart Schools serves children in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade in three academic divisions: Primary School (grades PK-2), Lower School (grades 3-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8). Each school is led by a Division Head who works closely with the students, faculty and parents of that Division. The intimacy of the three divisions maintains the family-like atmosphere and individual student attention for which Sacred Heart education is known.

Classrooms are organized by gender at grade levels above senior kindergarten; girls are students of the Academy and boys are students of Hardey Prep. Many aspects of campus and student life are coeducational. Preschool and senior kindergarten are coed.

The Head of Schools provides leadership for the institution as a whole and, along with the Board of Trustees, crafts the long-range vision for the Schools.

Individual Attention

Our 9:1 student to teacher ratio is among the best in Chicago. Class size averages 15-16 in senior kindergarten and 18-20 in 1st grade and above.


"We have wonderful examples of cross-curricular learning at Sacred Heart, such as Lower School students creating an art project that dovetails with their study of Egypt, and Middle School music students developing their own interdisciplinary year-end performances. We want to make sure our students are delving more deeply into their discovery of a topic." ~ Marjie Murphy, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

From the earliest grades, children study French, Spanish, art, music, technology, physical education and religion in addition to our core curriculum of language arts, math, social studies and science. An enrichment coordinator provides more intensive learning opportunities for children working ahead of the curriculum. Learning specialists support children who benefit from additional assistance.

Click on Primary School, Lower School, and Middle School to read more about their curricula.


At Sacred Heart, technology is an intrinsic part of the instructional process to shape each student into responsible and efficient users of technology. The school has a variety of technology resources dedicated to student use including iPads, Chromebooks and laptops. Our 1:1 program provides devices for all students in grades 5-8. The computer lab contains networked touch screen stations and is available for work on collaborative projects.


What makes Sacred Heart education one of a kind?

We are Catholic and independent.
Sacred Heart is both an
independent and Catholic school. We benefit from our relationships with the Chicago Archdiocese and the Network of Sacred Heart schools, and we are self-governing and free to pursue our own vision and standard of excellence.

We offer single-gender classrooms on a coed campus.
Sacred Heart provides a purposeful blend of
single-gender and coeducational approaches. 95% of recent graduates reported preferring single-gender classrooms.

We educate the mind and the heart.
Sacred Heart educates children in accordance with the ideals and intentions of our foundress,
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. Her goal was to instill in each of her students a deep love of God, a strong sense of integrity, a respect for the inherent value of every person and a curious mind open to new ideas.

We prepare students for the future.
Sacred Heart provides a thoughtful and thorough
high school counseling program that guides students through each step of the secondary school admissions process. On average, 95% of students were accepted by their first-choice school.