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Preschool Philosophy

“Young people are our priority; they carry the seeds of the future.”
- Madeleine Sophie Barat, foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Preschool believes in educating the hearts and minds of young children in a safe, nurturing environment. Children learn to become kind, respectful learners by living the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria:

Goal I: A personal and active faith in God
Goal II: A deep respect for intellectual values
Goal III: A social awareness which impels to action
Goal IV: The building of community as a Christian value
Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Best teaching practices are implemented by compassionate educators who focus on meeting students’ needs and strengthening their gifts to become lifelong learners.

The core of our educational philosophy is that children learn by doing! The preschool environment is intentionally designed for children to be empowered to investigate, analyze, construct, and create through their active engagement in play. Children will learn that working together (thinking, cooperating, discussing, building, and sharing) is more productive than working alone. Children learn to love and respect their natural environment through outdoor play, and they are exposed to green spaces where they can embrace what nature has to offer. Through these intentional experiences, children realize that they are a part of a universal thread and they desire to care for all living things. The preschool team monitors the growth of each child to maximize our ability to develop young persons into diversified leaders that embody lifelong skills such as compassion, generosity, right action, connection, and selflessness.

Preschool Campus

Located at: 5649 N. Sheridan Rd.
Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church

Meg Steele
Head of Schools

Elizabeth Coleman
Head of Primary School

Holly DePalma
Preschool Director

Ann Chiumino
Admissions Director