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Pre-Kindergarten 2022-23

Children applying now for pre-kindergarten 2022-23 should be 3-years old by September 1, 2022, born September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019.

Sacred Heart’s pre-kindergarten program is located on our Preschool Campus at 5649 N. Sheridan Road on the grounds of Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church. A nurturing, first-school experience, the program is five days per week. Families may choose between a morning or full-day program. Extended day and summer options are also available.

Enrolling in Sacred Heart’s pre-kindergarten is the first step in a seamless Sacred Heart educational experience that takes children through 8th grade. Enrollment in our preschool guarantees your child's space in our junior and senior kindergartens. No further admissions process is required.

Admissions appointments can be scheduled through Ravenna, by calling the Admissions Office at 773.681.8494, or by emailing


Submit your application via Ravenna. Preschool applicants will be asked to choose a morning or full-day schedule when they apply.  Following enrollment, preschool families will be able to register for our optional extended day and summer programs.

There is a $75 fee for new family applications. If this fee presents a hardship for your family, please contact the Admissions Team to obtain a fee waiver.


Selected weekdays, beginning in October, via Zoom

Join us for a virtual Information Session to hear from our Head of Schools, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and current parents. Each session begins with presentations on the Sacred Heart Network, mission, and educational philosophy, and concludes with a question and answer session with current parents. Sacred Heart prioritizes families committed to Sacred Heart education through 8th grade; therefore, all parents are asked to learn about our SK - 8th grade program. 

STEP THREE:  SCHEDULE A parent meeting

Weekdays, October through February, via Zoom

Meet virtually with a member of the Admissions Team to share information about your family, discuss the admissions process, and ask any questions you may have about Sacred Heart Schools. All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend. For your planning, meetings generally range from 45 to 60 minutes.

STEP FOUR:  SCHEDULE YOUR child's Developmental assessment

Weekday mornings, November through February, via Zoom

You and your child will meet virtually with Holly DePalma, Preschool Director, for a brief, 15-20 minute conference. You will have an opportunity to share information about your child's development, and your child will engage in a simple, age-appropriate play activity. Anticipate a relaxed, unpressured experience. Children often find it easier to engage when only one parent joins them in the conference. A nanny or babysitter cannot be substituted for a parent. 

STEP FIVE:  SUBMIT a teacher recommendation

By January 1, 2022

If your child is already enrolled in a preschool program, please delegate the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools (LMAIS) common recommendation form to your child's current teacher. The form is available electronically through Ravenna. You may also download a copy here

If your child is not enrolled in a preschool, another care-giver or instructor familiar with your child may complete the form, or you may contact to waive this step. 


Families who complete the application process by January 28, 2022 will receive admissions decisions on February 11. Enrollment agreements are due March 14, 2022. Any spaces remaining after March 14 will be filled on a rolling basis.