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Bus Program

Sacred Heart understands that families are busy and need options for getting their children to and from school. That's why many of our parents take advantage of our bus service. It's convenient, safe, and fun - for both students and parents! Students enjoy riding the bus while parents appreciate having a few minutes to connect with other Sacred Heart parents at their neighborhood bus stop. 

Bus stops are conveniently located in neighborhoods across the north side of Chicago. Buses are generally limited to one or two stops.

Gold Coast
Old Town
Lincoln Park
Roscoe Village
Lincoln Square

The number of buses, the neighborhoods served and the exact routes and stops for each bus are determined yearly in conjunction with the bus company based on several factors including safety and where families live in relation to one another. Parents should anticipate that stops may change each year based on these factors. 

Due to safety considerations, bus service is only available to students in SK through Grade 8. Bus service is not available to preschool students. 


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