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The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund

The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund provides partial tuition scholarships to qualifying Hispanic/Latino students for the purposes of attending Sacred Heart Schools. Scholarships are renewable, assuming students continue to meet the Schools' standards for enrollment and families continue to demonstrate financial need. Applicants who are not from an Hispanic background may still apply for tuition assistance under the Schools' general Financial Aid program described in the Schools' application for admission.

Who is eligible?

  • Hispanic/Latino students in kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Students who have the potential to succeed academically and have the desire to learn
  • Students whose families are willing to embrace the philosophy of Sacred Heart education as described in the Schools' mission statement and the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools
  • Students whose families demonstrate financial need
  • Students whose families reside in the United States

How can I apply?

  • Call the Sacred Heart Schools Admissions Office at (773) 681-8418, and ask for an admissions packet.
  • Complete the Schools' application for admission. (The $75 fee is waived for Goizueta Scholar applicants.) Attach a letter indicating your desire to be considered for a Goizueta Foundation scholarship.
  • Complete the Schools' financial aid application (including a Parent Financial Statement) mailed to you after you have applied for admission.
  • Complete the requirements of the regular admissions process, which includes a parent interview, a review of the applicant's academic record, admissions testing, a class visit, and recommendations from current teachers.
  • Substantiate that your family resides in the United States. (Alien card, state identification card, or drivers license acceptable.)
  • Submit additional recommendations, if desired, from other community members familiar with your family (a member of the clergy, the director of a community center, a coach, etc.).


Families of scholarship recipients usually are notified in March or April upon their child's acceptance as a student at Sacred Heart Schools. In order to qualify for continued assistance, families must provide financial information and proof of residence annually.


  • Applications for kindergarten should be submitted no later than December 11, earlier if possible.
  • Applications for Grades 1-7 should be submitted no later than February 1, earlier if possible.
  • Applicants for Grades 1-7 should be able to demonstrate a record of positive classroom behavior and academic achievement. In general, applicants to the upper grades should have no less than a "B" average.


The Goizueta Foundation supports educational programs that promote sustainable change and have a long-term impact in the community. It was founded by Roberto C. Goizueta who was Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company until his death in 1997.

Mr. Goizueta was a native of Cuba and a graduate of Yale University. In creating the Goizueta Foundation, Mr. Goizueta sought to acknowledge his indebtedness to this country and assist efforts to strengthen the American family.