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Welcome to Admissions at Sacred Heart

At Sacred Heart, we are inspired by a mission: to guide our students toward lives of purpose and meaning through an education that harnesses the power of both their minds and their hearts. 

Our school culture is joyful and loving. Our curriculum is modern and remarkable.  We embrace families of all faiths, backgrounds and configurations. As a result, Sacred Heart students graduate with the confidence and competence needed to take their place in the city's best high schools -- and with a sense of compassion and commitment that will allow them to leave a positive mark on their communities throughout their lives.

Whether you are interested in preschool, senior kindergarten, or joining us in grades 1-8, the Admissions Team is here to support and guide you. Please take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to us for conversation and advice, both before and after applying. We are always happy to talk.

Finally, we invite you to experience Sacred Heart for yourself. Join us for a Virtual Information Session, a student-led tour, or a Division Deep Dive.  Get to know our students and teachers. Talk with our administrators and parents. Feel the strength of a warm and inclusive community that supports and strengthens children as they discover their best selves.

Best Regards,

Ann Chiumino
Admissions Director

The Admissions Office is open year-round. We welcome your interest and encourage your questions.
Please contact Ann Chiumino, Admissions Director, for more information.



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The Admissions Team looks forward to helping you learn more about Sacred Heart education.

Ann Chiumino
Admissions Director

Carolyn Meurer
Associate Admissions Director

James Nuessen
Assistant Admissions Director

Beatriz Douma
Assistant Admissions Director