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Welcome back, Jana Brusek Goyette A'10!

Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a personal
and active faith in God
. - Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, Goal I

This summer, Sacred Heart Schools, as well as Chicago family and friends, welcomed back alumna Jana (Brusek) Goyette A’10. After graduating from St. Ignatius College Prep where she was captain of the volleyball team as a senior, Jana attended Baylor University on a full volleyball scholarship. Jana recently moved back to Chicago and began employment as a teaching assistant at Latin School’s Junior Kindergarten program. She also coaches volleyball at Latin.

Sheridan Road was lucky enough to reconnect with Jana when she coached at the Academy volleyball camp this summer. Jana, in fact, credits her love for the game to Sacred Heart Schools’ physical education teacher Jamie Powers. Ms. Powers coached Jana in volleyball at Sacred Heart and gave her the “fire for the game.” Jana still carries this passion with her.

Jana has many fond memories of her time at Sacred Heart. She was thrilled to reconnect with Dr. Sally Sharp, with whom she worked on Student Council when she served as vice president of the Academy. Jana loved Dr. Sharp’s “spirit of celebration” and contagious happiness—but most of all her fervent love of Groundhog’s Day.

Jana’s favorite celebrations at Sacred Heart were the Hot Dog Lunch and Thanksgiving events, traditions that still take place today. In 2008, she participated in the Middle School musical, “Anything Goes,” and learned to tap dance! Academically, Jana credits her love of literature to Mrs. Haverkamp, who set a high standard for her students and expected them to strive for it. She reflects that Sacred Heart was a “great environment in which to learn.”

During her junior year at Baylor, Jana participated in a mission trip with fellow student athletes through Baylor Athletics. She traveled to Brazil for 12 days where she and other athletes volunteered at after-school programs and ran athletic clinics for local children. The participants communicated solely through sports, as neither group spoke the others’ language.

A deeply spiritual person, Jana remembers most distinctly Sacred Heart Goal I: A personal and active faith in God. She strongly felt her value and worth in Christ. In college, she was better able to reflect on who God is, and truly began her personal relationship with Christ. Now she feels compelled to do everything in her life for the glory of God. At Sacred Heart, Jana learned to love fiercely, serve generously, and to stretch herself—all from the strength that she feels in God.

Jana hopes that the current students take advantage of all the many opportunities that Sacred Heart offers and leave their comfort zone to try new things. She believes that students should strive to leave a legacy in whatever they do, because each person has an impact on the world around them, whether as an athlete, a good student or a good friend.

Jana is happy to be back in Chicago, living with her new husband, Bailey, who is attending Medical School at Feinberg School of Medicine.