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Alumni Profiles

Legacy Families—Continuing the Sacred Heart Tradition

Families today don’t necessarily stay in their hometown for generations, so the values and traditions practiced at Sacred Heart have become even more cherished. Thankfully, many alumnae/i families have chosen to continue the beloved tradition of a Sacred Heart education. These legacy families further the rich history of the school and help strengthen the Sacred Heart community over generations.

Lucia Kubiatowski Glunz ASH’83, has numerous family members who attended Sacred Heart – including most of her husband’s family. Her two children (Maggie A5, Louis H4) are also students here. With a variety of public and private school options in Chicago, Lucia states that she chose Sacred Heart for her children for the “superb education rooted in faith along with many fond memories of friends, teachers, staff and experiences that will last a lifetime – much like I had!” Lucia remembers “great life lessons” learned with teachers Margaret Gaughan and Sr. Margaret Mary Munch. Her respect for her instructors is clear – Lucia describes them as “strict but unparalleled” and “brave.”

She is now collecting memories as a parent with new traditions such as the Feast of Mater Admirabilis play and the 3rd grade Wax Museum, where “every student is a star and the attendees get a powerful reminder of the sacrifices our forefathers made for our country.” She is also an active alumna, participating in numerous events such as the Alumni Weekend, Generations Tea, and in addition to serving as a Class Representative.

Alumnus Pete Wall H’85, whose mother (Laura Dart Wall) graduated from the high school in 1964, and whose brothers also attended Hardey Prep (John H'89, James H'95),has stayed connected to Sheridan Road as both an alum and a parent of current students (Elizabeth A3, Peter H1). Pete serves on the Board of the Sheridan Road Alumni Association, is the Hardey Prep Annual Fund Representative, and has hosted Santa on Sheridan at Driehaus for the last two years.

Similar to Lucia, Pete’s lasting memories revolve around his teachers and his everyday experiences in a “loving, caring, nurturing, challenging and thought provoking atmosphere.” Pete also remembers his influential teachers by name, such as Sr. McMahon, Sr. Bernstein, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Steenveld. Regarding Sacred Heart traditions, Pete has been exceptionally happy that Sacred Heart continues to “actively foster the special community of students, religious, parents, faculty and administrators through a very interactive social and school community.” As a parent, he was impressed with the preparation for and participation in the 2ndgrade First Holy Communion, which he describes as “an experience and memory that is going to be hard to top!”

Both Lucia and Pete recognize that while the times may change, the enduring values and traditions of Sacred Heart, coupled with an excellent education, set the school apart from other SK-8 schools. They both hope that their children will develop the long-lasting friendships and memories, much as they did, and continue the legacy of Sacred Heart.