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Seiker Award

Every year during Alumni Weekend, the Sheridan Road Alumni Association (SRAA) presents the
Sr. Catherine I. Seiker, RSCJ Award. The Seiker Award is given to an RSCJ, Sheridan Road alumna/us, or alumna/us from any Sacred Heart Network school whose life exemplifies, to an extraordinary degree, the values and standards that Sacred Heart Schools represents.

Sr. Seiker began her relationship with Sacred Heart Schools in 1945 as a teacher. In later years, she worked with the Schools' volunteers and also served as the Schools' Business Manager. Sr. Seiker was a proponent of the Network’s nationwide alumni community. In the 1980s, she worked tirelessly to produce the first Sacred Heart Alumni Directory and also paved the way to organize the Schools' archives. Sr. Seiker passed away in April 2016.

2018 Seiker Award Winner: Carol Rae Culliton-Metzger, PhD ASH'68

Remarks delivered upon receipt of award on October 21, 2018

Good morning:

Thank you so much for this 2018 Sr. Catherine Seiker Award. I’m grateful, I’m humbled, and so honored and proud to be selected for this award.

This is very special to me. My heart is very touched because I’m receiving this award during our 50th class reunion—with so many of my classmates here! During the last few days, my classmates have been talking about their memories of Sacred Heart. I can only speak for myself—I attended Sacred Heart for 12 years—from 1st grade to graduating high school.

For me, I can honestly say, “My time here was truly a gift from God, and of course a gift from my parents!”

I believe, from the bottom of my heart, I owe my successes to Sacred Heart. I am so, so grateful. Sacred Heart have me a strong foundation, a good education. I received structure and direction in my life (which I needed), discipline, which I did not want (but I needed).

I left Sacred Heart with strong values, deep religious beliefs and lofty goals and dreams! I was strong, confident and independent—positive and prepared to go out and conquer the world. Reality set in and I quickly realized I had to finish college in order to be that successful young lady who was going to change or impact the world.

Looking back over the years—I’ve been blessed to have so many doors open for me! Some of those doors could have taken my life down a dark path. Thankfully, I chose the rights doors—and those opportunities have made me the person I only could have dreamed to become. My life has been wonderful and truly, I feel blessed every single day of my life.

The “life lessons” I learned here at Sacred Heart have stayed with me to this day. Again, I owe so much to Sacred Heart!

On my bathroom mirror in my home, I have two Sacred Heart quotes—I actually call them “words of wisdom.” I read these quotes every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed! So…I’m passing them onto you…The first one is: “Be humble, be simple, and being joy to others.” The second quote is: “Your example, even more than words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.”


2019 Seiker Award nominations

Online nominations for the 2019 Seiker Award will be open later in the school year.





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