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Sacred Heart Alums Grace G. A'18 and Agnes O. A'18 Respond with Action


Like so many others, when the global pandemic hit the city of Chicago, Sacred Heart alums Grace G. A’18 and Agnes O. A’18 felt frustrated and helpless. What could high school sophomores do to help in a global pandemic?

Turns out, some amazing things.

Together with five other friends from Saint Ignatius College Prep, Agnes and Grace decided to design and sell t-shirts, with all profits going to support frontline and essential workers. Working collaboratively with staff at Saint Ignatius and a local shirt vendor, the group designed three different t-shirts, with two focusing on Saint Ignatius and the third depicting frontline workers serving the community. With the support of the school and parents, seven sophomores were able to put together a business plan, design their t-shirts, and start printing them—all within two months. Project Frontline Chicago had been born. 

“This feels like a Sacred Heart project,” states Agnes, reflecting on what they have accomplished. “We were compelled to action.”

Both alumnae feel the project brought the community together for the greater good. And future projects? They would love to design shirts that appeal to people nationally. 

To purchase a Project Front Line Chicago t-shirt or simply make a donation, please visit their website: