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Sheridan Road Young Alums

Tivas Gupta H'15

Next Stop—Harvard University

During their time on Sheridan Road, most students thoroughly enjoy their chosen extracurricular activities. Many gravitate toward the social aspects of and school enthusiasm for basketball. Others look forward to fun at after-school rehearsals and the excitement of performing in Middle School musicals. Still others devote time to academics-based activities, like debate and Science Olympiad.

And then there were students like Tivas Gupta H’15, who participated in all of those extracurriculars while also excelling at academics.

It is not surprising then, that when asked about his advice to Sacred Heart students and graduates, Tivas responds that they should be “open to trying and putting work into new things.” At Sacred Heart, Tivas appreciated that he was afforded many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. He pushed himself to try as many things as he could outside of the classroom and looks back fondly on these opportunities.

Inside the classroom, Tivas feels that his instructors “taught me to view the world in a different way.” He remembers Mr. Watts’ American history lessons, and that in addition to class work, Mr. Watts would provide book recommendations and have various items in his classroom that pertained to what the students were learning. This three-dimensional approach to learning helped to fuel Tivas’ curiosity and made him want to know more about the world.

Tivas liked the experience of single-gender classrooms on a co-ed campus; he feels there was “a sort of freedom with only boys.” Sometimes, he says, he felt more comfortable participating in an all-boys classroom. In Middle School, however, he also appreciated having so many opportunities to work with girls on yearbook and Science Olympiad, for example. He feels like he experienced the best of both worlds. He continues to love the tight-knit community at Sacred Heart and counts some of his best friends as Sacred Heart alums—both male and female.

In high school, Tivas was similarly involved at Saint Ignatius, where he participated in debate and Model United Nations; he was the Opinion Editor of the student news site, The Spirit, and co-founded the Saint Ignatius Ethics Bowl Team his junior year. He even found time to volunteer in a mentoring program.

This fall, Tivas will begin his first semester at Harvard University, where he will no doubt bring his same level of enthusiasm to whatever endeavors he chooses. As a finalist for the Coolidge Scholarship, he has already met a number of students from Harvard and has been able to form friendships. Nonetheless, Tivas emphatically maintains that, just as he did in high school, he will hold on to the dear friendships that he made at Sacred Heart throughout college. Sheridan Road wishes Tivas all the best in his future adventures!