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Note: The main athletic calendar provides practice and game information for all Sacred Heart teams. Please use the individual team calendars, which can be accessed from the Teams and Schedules page, for single-team information.

Sacred Heart Athletics aspires to provide its students with the opportunity to experience a high-quality athletic experience within the Sacred Heart community. Participants will be provided the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of each sport and be given a platform to develop strong, healthy, disciplined minds and bodies. The goal attainment for each student will be to develop a true sense of sportsmanship and fair play along with acquiring team spirit and team camaraderie.

It is Sacred Heart Schools Athletics’ goal to measure a high quality experience as one in which every student:

  • Is provided the opportunity to have fun playing and learning the game(s) of choice
  • Is instilled with a knowledge of the sport’s rules, regulations and skills necessary to actively participate and to improve over time
  • Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance
  • Participates in an environment where he or she can have an opportunity to honor and apply the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education
  • Participates in an environment where coaches and parents are supportive and serve as positive role models

Some references regarding the Sacred Heart athletic program are available below: