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Note: The main athletic calendar provides practice and game information for all Sacred Heart teams. Please use the individual team calendars, which can be accessed from the Teams and Schedules page, for single-team information.

the ATHLETICS team

Matt Manley
Athletic Director

Margot DiMuzio
Assistant Athletic Director & Coordinator of Student Life

Academy 5 White Volleyball - NCA League
Hardey Varsity Golf - Two golfers in IESA State Finals (Ian Love, Will Sidrys)
Academy Cross Country - One runner in the IESA State Finals (Gabrielle Walker)
Hardey 5 Black Basketball - CCYL Consolation Bracket
Hardey 8 White Basketball - CCYL Skyline League
Hardey 8 Red Basketball - CCYL Lakefront League
Academy Varsity Softball - Windy City Grade School Softball League
Academy Varsity Track and Field - Two runners in the IESA State Finals (Evie Tsokolas, Gabrielle Walker)

Sacred Heart Schools are dedicated to educating girls and boys mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our athletic program is an integral part of the educational program of the school, which views the athletic activities on the playing fields and courts as an extension of the classroom. In all aspects – classrooms, hallways and fields of play – we strive to educate our children in accordance with the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart tradition.

We believe that athletics is an invaluable tool in the development of students. Participation in athletics allows students the opportunity to establish a lifelong healthy lifestyle, while instilling certain values and ideals. Athletics present students the opportunity to experience the relaxation that sports bring to the body and mind and the thrill of success, as well as learn to deal with disappointment and adversity.

Athletics teaches the importance of commitment, mastery of skills, self-discipline, self-sacrifice and self-confidence, while fostering critical interpersonal skills, such as leadership, cooperation, communication and empathy. All of these lessons are important, not only in athletics, but in life as our students continue to grow and mature in the Sacred Heart community and society.

Sacred Heart offers competitive sports for Academy and Hardey (grades 3-8) in the fall, winter and spring. The Schools' mascots are the Academy Wildcat and Hardey Falcon.