Catholic, Independent Elementary Schools Serving Chicago's Children Since 1876



Respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity

When the Religious of the Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ), which was founded by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat in 1800, continued to establish schools, they were guided by Madeleine Sophie's vision of revealing God's love for the world by providing youth with an exceptional education. It was believed that by offering young people the tools to grow spiritually, think critically and serve compassionately, they would transform society for the better wherever they lived. That vision still guides us today.

The five Goals and Criteria inform everything we do and are at Sacred Heart. These timeless principles, formally adopted in 1975, include both faith and service (Goal I and Goal III). 

All students—of the Catholic faith and varied faith traditions—are encouraged to develop a dynamic relationship to God, one that supports and guides them as they mature. Our curriculum is designed to help students explore and learn about faith; we foster thoughtful engagement on spiritual questions and cultivate values that will last a lifetime. 

We also place great value on the experience of service, and Sacred Heart offers various opportunities for students and families to get involved, whether through food, clothes or toy drives or via direct service. Social justice is studied at every grade level and we seek to actively increase "social awareness which impels to action." 

St. Madeleine Sophie and the RSCJs that came after her believed that an exemplary education must expand both the mind and heart. Today's Sacred Heart is committed to carrying this legacy forward.


Goals and Criteria
of a Sacred Heart Education

Goal I:
A personal and active faith in God

Goal II:
A deep respect for intellectual values

Goal III:
A social awareness which impels to action

Goal IV:
The building of community as a
Christian value

Goal V:
Personal growth in an atmosphere of
wise freedom