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Student Leadership

Sacred Heart understands that true leadership takes many forms and encourages all students to take on leadership roles. Our guiding principles, the Goals and Criteria, state that: School programs provide for recognizing, nurturing and exercising leadership in its many forms. -Goal V, Criterion 4

Tour Guides
Throughout the year, 8th grade Tour Guides introduce prospective parents to Sacred Heart Schools by leading campus tours, answering questions about the school’s mission and programs and sharing their personal experiences as Sacred Heart students. This invaluable service to the school is coordinated through the Admissions Office.  

Alumni Ambassadors
Every year, a select group of 8th graders is chosen to be Alumni Ambassadors. These students work with the Sheridan Road Alumni Association on service projects, they provide tours to alums whenever they are visiting the school, and put together a time capsule for their class to be opened at their 25th Alumni Reunion.

Student Council
Each May, Middle School students are elected by their peers to serve as student leaders of the school. Both Hardey Prep and the Academy elect their own slate of officers. In addition, in the fall, each Middle School class elects one Hardey and one Academy representative to sit on Student Council, as well as fill any vacancy position in the council. This group meets on a weekly to biweekly basis during the Middle School lunch period to plan programs, write policies and discuss student concerns. Student Council oversees school traditions like the Red and White Induction, school pep rallies, the Halloween Parade and Hotdog Lunch entertainment.

Buddy Program
A much-loved tradition at Sacred Heart is the pairing of senior kindergarteners with 7th grade students. The buddies continue the following year when students become 1st graders and 8th graders. 

The buddies share a variety of school activities throughout the year—they attend all-school masses together, march in the Halloween Parade, read stories, and gather for a "Stone Soup" celebration just before Thanksgiving break, among other activities throughout the year. The Buddy Program promotes leadership and mentoring for the older students, and fosters an increased sense of belonging and inclusivity for the younger students. Importantly, the program promotes friendship and highlights the value of community for all.