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A Tradition Observed

In the fall of every year, each 8th grade Academy student receives her St. Madeleine Sophie medal, and each 8th grade Hardey student receives his Hardey tie. These are significant traditions that our school honors, and as with all of our traditions, their observance illustrates the bonds that unite us as a community. This is particularly meaningful this year in light of our focus on Goal IV, which highlights the building of community as a Christian value.

It is not only the observance of this tradition, however, that is important. The St. Madeleine Sophie medal and the Hardey tie symbolize those qualities and pursuits that we as the Sacred Heart community are committed to uphold. They can be found stated in the Goals and Criteria but, more than that, we strive each day to write them in our hearts and to embody them in our actions.

Here at Sacred Heart, we respect leadership in its many forms—whether that's leading quietly by example or taking on a more visible, directive role. We believe that practicing the Goals is, in itself, a form of leadership. The world increasingly needs the demonstration of solid values and compassion, and the young lives that Sacred Heart is helping to shape will have a role in defining the future as it unfolds.

As the young women of the Academy receive their medals and the young men of Hardey receive their ties, we seek to affirm that their receipt means something that has great significance, both to our community and to each student personally as they continue to explore their own particular mission in life. Importantly, they aren't receiving just a medal or a tie, but an acknowledgement of how deeply we care about them and the trust we place in them as they complete their final year at Sacred Heart.

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