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Parents of Alumni Holiday Party

While their children are at Sacred Heart, parents form a meaningful relationship to the school; they also forge significant and lasting bonds with one another. Together, a community is formed that is dedicated to providing children a strong foundation on which to build happy and successful lives.

The Parents of Alumni Holiday Party, held at the Driehaus Center on Wednesday, December 5, gave parents of former students as well as current and past faculty members the chance to reconnect and celebrate not only Christmas and the holidays, but their shared commitment to their children and all of Sacred Heart's students. It also gave Sacred Heart an opportunity to thank them again for their dedication.

Guests shared fond and funny memories of years spent at Sacred Heart, and unexpected new connections were uncovered. Nearly everyone discussed what their children or grandchildren are doing currently, and several people mentioned that the friendships they made as parents of Sacred Heart students are as strong as ever.

The Driehaus Center, named for Richard Driehaus, a past Sacred Heart parent himself, twinkled with lights from the Christmas tree and the holiday garland stretching across the fireplace. Hosts of the event—Joan and Jaime Angulo, Patty and Charles DelGrande, and Cate and Thomas Kinder (see photo below)—welcomed guests. A special thank you to them for their contributions to this festive event!

Nat Wilburn, Head of Schools, spoke briefly about the importance of the entire Sacred Heart community—most importantly parents and alumni—in educating children. He reminded the attendees that this year Sacred Heart is focused on Goal IV: The building up of community, and that we have a special call to nurture our relationships and acknowledge their power in helping to shape young lives. A shared sense of community and family is one of Sacred Heart's most remarked-upon gifts, one that enriches parents' lives and assures students and alumnae/i that they are known and loved.