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Parent Education

When parents are excited and eager to learn, so are their children. Sacred Heart’s Parent Education Program provides parents with opportunities to grow, connect and discover, so their children will thrive both in school and in family life.

2019-20 Events

Oct. 3
The Inside Scoop on High School Admissions
10-11 am, Cole Masterpiece Room
Immediately following the Parents of the Heart (POTH) meeting

Nov. 13
Raising Our Children Sanely in a Challenging World
7 pm, Chapel
Sr. Nancy C. Kehoe, RSCJ, PhD

Nov. 14
Raising Healthy Children
8:45 am, POTH meeting

Jan. 6
Parenting With the Brain in Mind
7 pm, Chapel
Eva Dwight, MEd, CPDT, Gurian Institute Master Trainer

Feb. 27
Cyber Security with Cyber Safety Consulting
8:45 am, POTH meeting
7 pm, Chapel

May 7
Under Pressure: Examining Anxiety and Stress in Children
7 pm, Chapel
Lisa Damour, PhD

Parent Education Forums are organized by Sacred Heart Schools’ Leadership Team, School Counselors and Institutional Advancement Department.


Contact Heather Yap, Institutional Advancement Associate, for more information or to RSVP for events.