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Uniform Guide

The SHS Uniform Code is intended to set a standard of neat and appropriate dress for a school with high expectations where students should learn to present themselves responsibly. A correct uniform is required for attendance in school. It is the responsibility of parents to send their children to school dressed in a manner that complies with our uniform code.

For a complete version of the uniform guide, please consult the Student-Parent Handbook.
Click here for a printable version of the uniform guide with illustration.

Shopping Guide

Uniform items may be purchased from Lands' End, Schoolbelles (code: S1555) or the SHS Apparel Store. Certain items may only be purchased from the SHS store.

Keep the following guidelines in mind while shopping:

  • Clothes must fit properly and be without rips, tears, or holes.
    • Skirts and shorts must not fall shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Cargo pants/shorts (no exterior pockets) and "skinny" khakis are not allowed.
  • Black Watch plaid items are only available from Schoolbelles.
  • Sweaters may be monogrammed, but this is optional. Monograms must be:
    • White, block capital letters
    • High on the left side of the chest
    • Horizontal

Please use the form below for grade specific summer, winter and gym uniform details. At the end of the form, request a confirmation email to receive an email with this information.