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Bagel Sales

Sacred Heart holds Bagel Sales before school in the cafeteria to benefit student-proposed organizations. Bagel Sales are scheduled for selected Thursdays and Fridays each month.

Upcoming sponsors for Sacred Heart's 2017-18 Bagel Sales are listed below. Last year, Bagel Sales raised more than $2,100 for various charities and organizations.

November 16-17
Hosted by Daniela Pagani
Benefitting Juan Domingo En Accion

December 14-15
Hosted by Ms. Galligan
Benefitting TBA

January 25-26

Hosted by Ms. Kruse advisory
Benefitting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

February 22-23
Hosted by Ms. Regala
Benefitting The Children's Home Project

March 22-23
Hosted by Hardey and Academy 3rd Graders
Benefitting The Wounded Warrior Project

April 26-27
Hosted by Ms. DiMuzio and Sacred Heart Softball
Benefitting the Respect 90 Foundation

May 17-18
Hosted by the Kindergarten Dolphins
Benefitting The John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation


Sponsored by: Student Council
Benefitting: The Animal Welfare League

Sponsored by: SOAP
Benefitting: The Shelter Box