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Core After School

Core After School

  • Please note that you must register your child for this session for Core After School. Being enrolled in Session I does not guarantee a reserved spot for Session II.

  • After School Classes are offered in addition to the Core After school Program.  

  • In order to align with COVID health and safety guidelines, registration is required to participate in the Core After School Program through UltraCamp.  (No fee to participate)

  • Your child(ren) are welcome to stay in the Core After School Program at the end of their After School class. Pickup must take place by 6:00 p.m. through the Portry. 

  • Your child will go to the Core After School Program until their class begins.  For more information about the Core After School Program, contact Olivia Brown at




Joanne Shemiot
Head of Student Life

(773) 681-8415