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Red and White Color Competition

The Red versus White color competition is a much-loved Sacred Heart Schools tradition.

When students and faculty / staff join the Sacred Heart Schools community they are assigned to either Red or White.
The 2018 Red and White Induction Ceremony will take place on Friday, Sept. 22 and each team member will be given a bandana representing their team.

Throughout the year, team members earn points for their team during events such as Penny Wars, art competitions, Spirit Week activities, Field Day and much more.

Points are also rewarded for outstanding behavior in the lunch room and around campus. Student Life is constantly on the lookout to award points to students who also demonstrate school spirit and random acts of kindness.

On the last day of the school year, the Team Spirit Award is presented to the winning color team by Dr. Sharp.

Check the scoreboard regularly to see which team is leading the competition!

Final Scores for 2017-2018: