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Spirit Week at Sacred Heart


All week – It’s DOUBLE COUPON Week for SHS Cares Coupons! If you are recognized for showing kindness at school, you will earn 2 coupons, increasing your chance of winning a gift card, and more importantly, you are being kind!

Fall Spirit Week: October 21-25, 2019
Spring Spirit Week: February 3-7, 2020


  • MONDAY 10/21:  Decades Music Monday – Music throughout the decades will be played at all lunch periods. 
  • TUESDAY 10/22:  Red & White Accents Day – Students can earn points for wearing red and white accents. 
  • WEDNESDAY 10/23:  Double Kindness Coupon Day - All acts of kindness will earn a double coupon.  
  • THURSDAY 10/24:  Crazy Sock Day – Students may wear their most interesting socks.
  • FRIDAY 10/25:  Comfy Clothes Day – Students may come to school dressed in comfortable clothes.  Acceptable wear:  sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, jeans, gym shoes. 



  • Monday – Thursday are uniform days



College/High school/favorite sports team sweatshirt day: For sweatshirt day students can wear sweatshirts or hoodies from professional sports teams, colleges or high schools (and of course their favorite elementary school, Sacred Heart!). The students should be in regular uniform except for their sweatshirt.  If students do not have college/high school/sports teams sweatshirts, they may wear any other sweatshirt with appropriate language and artwork.  


School sports/ Red/white wear. For the School sports and Red/white wear, students can wear any of the SHS sports jerseys, SHS socks, SHS hair ribbons. If you do not have an official, SHS sport jersey you are welcome to wear red or white accents over uniforms.


Students should be in normal winter uniform. 


It is CRAZY SOCK day on Thursday. All students, faculty, and staff are invited to wear crazy socks with their uniforms this day.  


Comfy Clothes Day. Students will be allowed to come to school dressed down in comfortable clothes. Acceptable to wear: Sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, yoga pants, leggings (worn with a top no more than 2 inches above the knee), gym shoes.