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"Into the Woods Jr."

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“Into the Woods Jr.”

The story opens with our Narrator (Payton L.) sharing a story with young students (Finn P., Daniel M. and Elle M.). Her pages get all mixed up and she begins to take us on a journey of a jumbled bunch of fairly tales. We see Cinderella (Sara M.) wishing to go to the King’s festival; Jack (London B.) wishes his cow, Milky-White (Jessie B.) would give him milk; and the Baker (George H.) and Baker’s Wife (Aine S.) wish to have a child. Jack’s Mother (Caroline N.) wishes for gold and a less foolish son. Since their cow won’t produce any milk, she insists that Jack take the cow to market to sell. Cinderella’s Stepmother (Charlotte P.) and her stepsisters, Florinda (Caroline P.) and Lucinda (Carolina C.), laugh at Cinderella’s wish. With Cinderella’s Father (Ian V.), they ride off to the ball without Cinderella, leaving her behind in tears. After stopping at the bakery for sweets, Little Red Ridinghood (Alana S.) prepares to travel into the woods to see her sick Granny (Mary D.).

At their home, the Baker and his Wife are visited by the Witch (Alex K.) next door. She explains that she has cursed the family for the actions of the Baker’s father in the past. In order to break the spell and get his wish, the Witch tells the Baker he has three days to bring her four items: a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn and a slipper as pure as gold.

At the grave of Cinderella’s Mother (Louise G.), Cinderella shares her wish and is granted a beautiful dress and slippers to wear to the ball. While walking through the woods to market, Jack encounters a Mysterious Man (Chris C.) who says his cow is worth only a sack of beans. Little Red Ridinghood meets a Wolf (Henry J.) who targets her grandmother and her for his next meal. We hear the voice of the Baker’s lost sister Rapunzel (Emerson G.) singing in the distance.

The Baker sets off on a journey to retrieve the objects, followed, against his wishes, by his Wife. Rapunzel’s Prince (Clayton B.) sees the Witch climb Rapunzel’s hair after calling for her and decides to try it himself the following day. The Baker’s Wife leads Milky-White through the forest when she encounters Cinderella, who is running from Cinderella’s Prince (Nate R.) and his Steward (Kate L.).

The characters continue to wander the woods all searching for their own needs. Finally, with all the necessary objects, the witch instructs the Baker to feed them to the cow. The cow fills a goblet with milk that the Witch drinks, transforming her into a beautiful woman. As the third midnight strikes, the Baker’s father dies and Milky-White is reunited with Jack. The Prince finally finds his Cinderella and Rapunzel, reunited with her Prince, restores his vision with her tears. The Witch realizes that in exchange for her own youth and beauty, she has lost her magical power over others.

Having broken the curse, the Baker’s Wife is able to have a child and the Narrator observes that the kingdoms are now filled with joy. We are reminded there will be times when each of us must journey in the woods but that we must mind the future and the past.