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Lickity Split Art Contest

Enter the 6th Annual Lickity Split Holiday Art Contest!

Entry guidelines:

  • The theme is "Winter Wonderland"
  • Open to all students
  • One entry per student
  • 8.4" by 11" regular weight paper (copy/printer paper, no canvas or poster board)
  • Any medium is allowed
  • All art must be done individually and submitted with the artist's name and grade on the back

Watch Newsnotes and school announcements for submission deadline and information on the opening of the gallery at Lickity Split.

Yearbook Cover Contest

Enter to make your artwork the cover of the 2018-19 yearbook and win a fabulous prize!

Entry guidelines - watch for updates to these guidelines and submission deadline!

  • Only Middle School students may enter
  • One entry per student
  • Use paper provided by Mr. Orozco (can be picked up in the cafeteria)
  • Designs must be formatted to portrait, NOT landscape
  • Theme: Goal Four
    • Try to represent this goal using both words and images
  • Must include the following words:
    • Sacred Heart Schools 2017-2018
    • Goal 3 - “A social awareness which impels to action"
  • All submissions must be individually created, with the artist's name and grade on the back (no group work please)

Please submit final covers to Mr. Orozco by Friday, Nov. 17.

Schools Rock

Schools Rock 2019 is Sunday, February 3.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, Jan. 12

2018 Schools Rock Talent or Emcee Application
2018 Schools Rock Crew Application

Edgewater 5K Logo Design

Submissions are now being accepted to design a logo for the Edgewater 5K t-shirt!

Designs must be submitted to by April 28.

Contest rules and design guidelines can be found here