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Lower School Writing Contest!

Hi Lower School,

As many of you may have noticed we now have a hard copy of the school newspaper! I wanted a way to involve the lower school in newspaper since the club is only open to middle school. This year we have decided to include Lower School students by having a writing contest! Feel free to write poems, short stories, current events, or about any other topic that you find interesting. Each student can have an unlimited number of submissions. If you have an article that is chosen it will be featured in the school newspaper online and in the printed version. We are very excited to let you guys write a few articles for the newspaper and can't wait to read them. Please email all the entries to: and feel free to email me with any questions. We are aiming to have the 3rd edition of the Sheridan Road Record coming out in early January!

Good luck,

Nikki S.

Get to Know the Staff: Madame Nimtz

Daniel M.

Everyone loves French, right? Well the person I interviewed probably loves it even more than you do. Madame Nimtz, the new MS French teacher, is who I interviewed today. I asked her some questions about herself.

Q:Why do you teach French?

A:There are lots of reasons. I love my students and I love sharing my passion for French.

Q: Why did you come to teach at SHS?

A: I came to teach at SHS because I love the SHS community.

Q: What do you love about French?

A: I love learning about new cultures and French speakers are very diverse. I think that there is so much we can learn from learning about others and learning new languages.

Q: Have you ever been to France? Where did you go?

A: Yes. I have traveled a lot in France. I lived there for a period of time, and I also worked there for sometime. I have also been to other French speaking countries, such as Canada, Belgium, and Haiti.

Q: What hobbies do you have other than speaking French?
A: I love running, painting, spending time with my pets, and I love traveling.

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: My favorite book is called "Unbreakable." It's the story of a World War II bombardier. Someone who is a bombardier drops bombs from the planes on to the war zone.

Q: Did you teach before SHS? If so where?

A: Yes. I taught High School at another Sacred Heart School called Josephinum Academy.

Q: What is something you want everyone to know about you?
A: I love cartoons and comics. They're funny and cute, but can also be very thoughtful and interesting. Of course, Pusheen is my favorite.

Big thanks to Ms. Nimtz for letting us interview her. When we asked if it was okay to interview her, she answered with "Oui!"

Are GMOs Safe?

Caroline G.

Many people believe that GMOs are unsafe, and think that GMO means pesticide. Well, forget everything you now about GMOs because I'm about to tell you the truth. It is true that pesticides can harm you, but did you now that GMOs have nothing to do with pesticides? GMO actually means genetically modified organisms, which means that their genes have been altered for the better. Despite what some may believe, GMOs can be helpful, rather than harmful.

In developing countries, GMOs provide hope for a better future. In countries like America, the fight against GMOs is ever growing, despite the fact that many people in the developing world are starving and GMOs could save their lives. In fact, genetically modified (GM) bananas could solve Uganda's hunger crisis. Bananas are a staple crop in Uganda, but the banana bacterial wilt has made bananas nearly extinct. Without the banana, many people in Uganda would surely starve to death. Bananas can also provide the main source of income for farmers, which they need to buy food and support their families. Thanks to the new GM banana bacterial wilt resistant plant, GMOs are saving lives.

Another reason why the fight against GMOs is so ridiculous is because there is no scientific proof that GMOs are harmful. According to scientist Ogenga Latigo, "The only difference now is that crops modified through the process of genetic engineering or biotechnology are called GMOs, and are feared and demonised, whereas all the other crops that are also genetically modified using conventional breeding methods – they are now called non-GMOs, are not feared or demonised, and are easily accepted." In fact, there is no credible research at all that GMOs are harmful.

Some people argue that GMOs are unsafe because calling something "organic" appeals to them more than saying that there food has been genetically modified. Some people even believe that organic food may be healthier for them. But in truth, GM crops can be edited for better taste, more nutrients, and more disease resistant. (Office of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy). In conclusion, there is no scientific proof that eating all organic food has any significant health benefits over eating GM crops.

All in all, this article uncovered the truth about GMOs. They are, in fact, helpful to the environment rather than detrimental as many believe. GMOs are also saving lives and helping farming families all over the world. Another reason why GMOs are helpful is because they can be genetically modified to be more beneficial to your health. All facts considered, GMOs are undoubtedly safe to eat.

Debatable: Skittles vs Starbursts

By: Sydney M.

As Hot-Dog lunch approaches, there is always a debate about which candy that is served is the best. One of the most controversial debates seems to be Skittles vs. Starburst. To settle this, we took a survey of 26 people. In the survey, 54% of people preferred Starbursts over Skittles (14/26 people). We asked two people their reasoning for preferring one over the other. Sophia W, who prefers Starbursts, said, "I like Starburst more because the flavor lasts longer and the texture is better." In contrast, Alex K, who prefers Skittles, said, "Skittles are better because they have a bigger variety of flavors. Also, they are more aesthetic." Who do you agree with? Do you prefer Skittles or Starburst?

Why Good Grades Don't Make You A Better Student

By: Caroline G.

Time and time again we debate over what makes a good student. Is it our grades, our popularity, our athletic ability? Some may argue that your grades are what make you a good student, because if you pay attention in class you will receive both a high grade and GPA. Many people believe the higher your GPA is the better of a student you are. But the grade you get in math class does not define you as a person. Here are a few reasons why getting good grades does not necessarily make you a better student.

On reason this is not true is because our grades do not predict our overall success in life. While good grades can help you get in a good high school which can lead to a fantastic job, they are not everything. There are plenty of careers that are not office jobs. We can still excel in other less academic classes. For example, Picasso or Van Gogh may have gotten an "F" in many academic subjects, but they are known as some of the best painters in history.

Another reason is that getting good grades does not necessarily make you a happier person. You usually feel good after acing a math test, but all the time we spend studying for it can sometimes come in the way of our lives outside of school. After a while we feel like all we ever do is study, and we never do anything fun. This can lead to us becoming sad and depressed because we had to drop all of our after school activities just for a small mark on our report card.

My last reason is that your grades are not a measure of your character. They do not define the type of person you are to your friends and the people around you. It is better to be good person, rather than getting an "A" in a subject you may not use later on. You can still be a good student to your classmates.

All in all, you can still be a good student even if you do not get good grades. You can do this by being a kind person to your fellow students, and being happy. It's true that it is important to get good grades, but your grades are not everything. So next time you don't do well on a test or forget to turn something in don't worry!

Current Events: Wildfires

By: Caroline N.

2018 has had destructive natural disasters. From devastating Hurricane Michael to Indonesia's deadly earthquakes and tsunamis, hundreds of thousands have been affected. Perhaps the most horrible event are the raging fires in California. The fires left 88 dead, and even more injured and homeless. It left over 230,000 acres of land ruined. This was not the first time California had forest fires. Everytime these fires have scorched at least 150,000 acres and ruined the lives of many. However, the fires are not only affecting California citizens, but people all over.

These fires have a huge impact on the United States' economy. Everytime there is a fire, billions of dollars are spent on services to help victims. Over the years, the amount of fires have increased by 400% and they are expected to quadruple by 2100. As the amount of fires increase, the money spent on relief efforts increase. About 52% the budget is spent on fighting the fires. At the peek of this season, about 280,000 firefighters were deployed along with about 2,000 fire trucks. Also, there are air squads dropping over 200,000 gallons of water over the fires. This means that more and more of America's money is being spent on avoidable accidents.

Another effect the fires have on America is that they increase the number of jobs. There are always more than 250,000 personal at every fire. The fires provide work for the many unemployed Americans. Also, the injuries resulting from the fire can increase business for doctors all over the west coast. The fires also provide stories for news reporters which can help them in their job. While many of the jobs involved with the fires can have deadly consequences, they do provide a paycheck which many Americans take advantage of.

The fires take a toll on produce produced in America. California grows hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce every year. In fact, California grows 99% of walnuts, 97% of plums, 90% of broccoli, that are grown in the U.S.. When the fires stretch over the state, millions of pounds of produce are destroyed. With America's ever growing population, it is essential that more food is provided, especially healthy foods. These fires are ruining farmers crops which leads to a lack of food in grocery stores all over the U.S.

The disasters in California are also destroying the air quality in many cities. A town in California has the 2nd worst air quality throughout the country. When people breathe in the contaminated air, it can cause long term effects. Fire smoke has the same effect on the lungs as cigarette smoke does. The fires can cause lung cancer to many people which can be fatal.

It is obvious that California's fires have taken a toll on the people of America. It is important that these fires are prevented in the future. You can do this by making sure any campfires are put out and that you do not litter. While these destructive fires do provide jobs, they also have many devastated effects. They ruin the produce, they hurt lung health, destroy air quality, and impact the economy. We also should help reach out to victims of these horrible fires and keep them in our thoughts.

Debatable: Football vs. Baseball

By: Caroline N.

A few weeks ago, college football season began. Watching football is a beloved American trend that friends and family get together to do together. While it is very popular, baseball is another popular sport. Baseball has been around for years with more than 25 teams in the league! Baseball is a super fun, team sport that is well into the season. At the moment, the Boston Red Sox are the best team with 106 wins, (as of 9/26)! Many people love to watch both sports, but what if you had to pick? We asked students which they preferred, football or baseball.

Claire (5th grade), says that she prefers football. She thinks that football is better because "you get to tackle people" and "it's more exciting!" Claire thinks that because football is a contact sport, it is more interesting to watch and to play. However, she does not like football when she is getting sacked. Claire says that football is one of her favorite sports!

On the other hand, Jaime (7th grade), prefers baseball for a couple different reasons. One reason is that it is more mechanical. Another reason is that "baseball requires more skill whereas football relies on sheer force." In his opinion, football is just pushing people around and baseball needs more strategy. Jaime likes to watch baseball with his friends!

In conclusion, everybody has their opinions, but it does not really matter. The whole point of team sports is to come together and build a community. Both baseball and football teams provide a safe place for the players and can teach them important life lessons. Both sports are fun to play and watch. Especially, when you are with your friends and family!

​The Wonders of International Night

By: Nikki S.

Every year Sacred Heart Schools holds International Night. This is a time for different cultures to share their music, dancing, food and sense of community. Sacred Heart celebrates the evening of community building. Goal 4: Students of the Sacred Heart educate the building of community as a christian value. By attending international night we all start to have a broader understanding of different cultures and their ideas or customs. This year's International Night focused on Asia, a wonderful and mystical content.

This year's International Night was amazing and well put together as usual. The food was fantastic, the arts and crafts were a blast, the parade was wondrous, and the demonstration was very entertaining. Since this year's focus was Asia the parade had an amazing dragon puppet. The people watching the parade were in awe as they saw the dragon dance across the stage beautifully. They also watched students holding their national flag up high and proud. The parade was very cool to watch and started international night of right!

The food at international night was wonderful, just like other years. Thanks to the parents of students, we always have an amazing array of foods! All the foods were delectable and everyone enjoyed walking around the different booths and chatting about the delicious food. People also enjoyed talking to the different people working the booths to get a better understanding of different cultures. There was a variety of flavors at international night. The food ranged from spicy samosas, to sweet bread; from baked goods to savory fried chicken; to fried potstickers, and cool cheese.

They also had fun activities for the kids to participate in. Friends could take silly photos in the photo booth, do a craft upstairs or watch the demonstration! The photo booth was a really fun option where students could use different props like flags, umbrellas, props, and other ethical items to take pictures. After the picture was taken they could print it out and hang it in their locker or room. In the art room they also had many fun crafts. Students and parents could make origami shapes using the origami paper provided. Many students made different animals like dogs, cranes, pigeons, and frogs. Students also colored and drew on paper and made fun projects out of cupcake liners. Overall, the students had lots of fun putting together the crafts.

Lastly, the entertainment was exceptional. Children dressed in Taekwondo uniforms and put on a demonstration from the audience. They did many jaw dropping moves like breaking boards and performing interesting martial arts moves. All the parents and students were awestruck by their performance.

Overall, international night this year was exceptional. Students and parents got to build a better understanding of Goal 4. Together, we created a tighter bond of community. As a Sacred Heart family, we hope to follow Goal 4 by coming to more school events and enjoying each others presence! If you didn't go to International Night this year hopefully you can come next year!

Get to Know the Staff: Madame Nimtz

By: Daniel M.

Everyone loves French, right? Well the person I interviewed probably loves it even more than you do. Madame Nimtz, the new MS French teacher, is who I interviewed today. I asked her some questions about herself.

Q:Why do you teach French?

A:There are lots of reasons. I love my students and I love sharing my passion for French.

Q: Why did you come to teach at SHS?

A: I came to teach at SHS because I love the SHS community.

Q: What do you love about French?

A: I love learning about new cultures and French speakers are very diverse. I think that there is so much we can learn from learning about others and learning new languages.

Q: Have you ever been to France? Where did you go?

A: Yes. I have traveled a lot in France. I lived there for a period of time, and I also worked there for sometime. I have also been to other French speaking countries, such as Canada, Belgium, and Haiti.

Q: What hobbies do you have other than speaking French?
A: I love running, painting, spending time with my pets, and I love traveling.

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: My favorite book is called "Unbreakable." It's the story of a World War II bombardier. Someone who is a bombardier drops bombs from the planes on to the war zone.

Q: Did you teach before SHS? If so where?

A: Yes. I taught High School at another Sacred Heart School called Josephinum Academy.

Q: What is something you want everyone to know about you?
A: I love cartoons and comics. They're funny and cute, but can also be very thoughtful and interesting. Of course, Pusheen is my favorite.

Big thanks to Ms. Nimtz for letting us interview her. When we asked if it was okay to interview her, she answered with "Oui!"

Get to Know the Staff: Ms. Burns

By: Sophia W.

As you all may know, there is a new science teacher in Middle School this year. She teaches seventh and eighth graders and her name is Ms. Burns. She taught previously at Maine South High School, where she worked with juniors and seniors. She really enjoyed the opportunity she had to teach them. This is her first time working at a Sacred Heart network school. Her favorite hobby is reading books. Also, her favorite thing about teaching Middle School is their energy level and excitement. But their curiosity level is #1!

Newspaper Recruiting Open!

Hello everybody,

On behalf of the newspaper we would love to wish you a happy school year! We are so excited to kick off this year's first edition of the 2018-2019 school newspaper! We would like to welcome anyone who would like to be a part of our school newspaper! Our newspaper is open to all middle school students grades 6-8 (there will also be opportunities for younger grades to be featured). We would love to welcome people interested in writing movie reviews, about fashion/makeup, sports, and events happening around school, and much, much more. We would also love to invite anyone who is interested in running the Sheridan Road Podcast! We look forward to welcoming new and optimistic minds! At the end of the year we will also need to get a new editor and chief, managing editor, podcast supervisor, and recruiter since our current ones are in 8th grade and will be leaving us at the end of the year!

We hope to see you on Wednesdays during lunch in one of the Humanities rooms,

The Sheridan Road Record

Fifth-Eighth Grade Volleyball Teams

By: Sophia W.

In the fall, Sacred Heart gives girls in fifth through eighth grade the opportunity to play volleyball. The volleyball season starts the first week of school and ends around the last weeks of October. Sacred Heart's volleyball teams have done very well in the past. Two years ago, the eighth grade white team won the final game in the Catholic Volleyball League, making them the champions. Also, last year our 5th grade teams won the championships! The Sacred Heart girls have always been exceptional at volleyball.

This season the three volleyball teams in the fifth grade have a great record of three and two! In the sixth grade the red team has a record of 3 and 2. The white team for A6 is 2 and 5. In the A7 red team has a record of 2 and 2. The white team for A7 is 4 and 2! In the eighth grade there are also two teams like the seventh grade. The white team has a record of 5 and 7! Lastly, the red team has a record of three and two! Go Wildcats!

Get to Know the Staff: Mr. Paulson

By: Carissa W.

Q: What is your job title at SHS?

A: I am the Student Life Coordinator.

Q: What do you do as the Student Life Coordinator?

A: I am in charge of the fun student activities such as red and white inductions, art contests, and student council.

Q: What do you like most about the SHS community?

A: Well, I came from another Sacred Heart School, Josephinum Academy. What I like about this Sacred Heart school the bigger community of friendly faces, and the students who understand how special a Sacred Heart education is.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: For me, the best part of being the Student Life Coordinator is being able to create activities that I know the students will enjoy and have fun.

Q: What is one unknown fun fact about you?

A: On the weekends I am a radio DJ for Nexus Radio. (Tune in on Sirius XM)

Q: Name some of your hobbies/ pass times?

A: I play Volleyball and love to watch T.V. and movies.

Q: What is your favorite school subject/ Which subject would you teach?

A: At Josephinum, I was a teacher and taught history, religion, and language arts. My favorite subject is humanities.

Q: Do you have any advice for students struggling with school stress?

A: I would tell them that it only gets worse in highschool and to get all the kinks out now. Also, try everything once because one of those things might actually work for you.

Top 10 Ways to Get Back in the Groove of School

The Summer time was amazing, and the newspaper hopes that you all had a great summer! Now that we are back in school we have to be able to get back in the groove of school. I have put together a list of the top 10 ways to get yourself back in the daily routine of school! Lets get started:

Tip #1: Make sure you do and TURN in all of your summer homework on time! This will help raise your grade to an "A" and are a very simple way to start the school year off with a bang. Also, it will leave a good impression with your teachers, letting them know you are willing to turn in your work in time and make the effort to do well!

Tip #2: Get tons of sleep! Since it was summer we all have been waking up at 1 pm everyday. So make sure you start getting enough sleep to get you through a long day at school! Sleep is very important and you need 7-9 hours to feel good and function correctly.

Tip #3: Get new school supplies. Getting new school supplies can help you get excited for school. Having good school supplies can help you feel good and want to take notes, or do your homework.

Tip #4: Get to know your teachers, especially if your teachers are new to Sacred Heart. Make sure they feel welcome into our community. On that note, also meet new classmates that may have transferred. Make their first few weeks here amazing and welcoming!

Tip #5: If your playing any sports this season make sure to attend all the practices. This helps you understand what it will feel like during the year and get you in the groove of things. Also, showing up to practice can maximize your playing time, and start off your season right!

Tip #6: Even though it's hard and not always so much fun to wear the right uniform to school, make sure your skirt is long enough and your shirt is tucked in. This will minimize uniform violations and help you to not receive silent lunches or detentions. It also will help you stay focused if teachers aren't making comments on how you didn't follow the uniform guide.

Tip #7: Try to look at your schedule and memorize it. If you look at your schedule, you will be able to tell teachers when you are free to have extra help or do makeup work for classes. It is also easier when you know your schedule so when you are walking from class to class you know where you are going. This year middle school has a different schedule so make sure to look it over so you are not late to class!

Tip #8: Write things down in your planner. If you write in your planner then you can remember all of the homework you have due in the next few days. You will also be able to maximize your time by planning what the quickest way to complete all your homework is. Lastly, you will be able to plan for long term projects more efficiently.

Tip #9: Always remember to check your email. Sometimes teachers will email you about homework changes or tests. Make sure you check your email and canvas to stay on top of your class work.

Tip #10: Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're new and need directions to get to a class or need help understanding material, don't be afraid to ask for help. It will help you understand things more thoroughly which will help you get back into the daily routine of school!

I hope that these 10 tips helped you get back in the groove of school. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it fun to read! Remember not to stress and to have a great year! ♡

Why Detention Is An Unfair Punishment

By: Caroline G.

We've all probably been in situations where we have been threatened to be given a detention- a punishment in which we have to sit by ourselves alone after school. The dictionary definition of a detention is "the action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody." Is this a fair punishment for getting a couple of uniform violations? When a student is given a detention they will miss out on important opportunities, such as extracurricular activities and bonding with other students. So ask yourself this, are detentions really worth it?

Although it is technically not illegal to give kids detention, it is debatable whether detentions are false imprisonment- "when a person is restricted in their personal movement within any area without justification or consent" (wikipedia). This sounds a lot like detention. Similarly, in a detention you are trapped in a room without consent, and you can not move from your chair without receiving punishment. An unnamed student who received a detention has confirmed this. Does it make sense to make detention legal, if it is by definition false imprisonment?

Another reason detention is a bad punishment is because detentions also serve as an inconvenience to the student's parents, who have to rework their schedules around their child's detention. Student's grades can suffer due to detentions. Detentions take away valuable time that could be used studying, therefore detentions can negatively affect a students grades. Parents will need to adjust their schedule around an unfair punishment. It is not right that innocent parents might need to cancel important plans, or leave work early, to pick their child up from detention.

Some people may argue that detentions are a valid punishment because it gives students time to think about what they've done. However, students do not need to spend time that is taken away from their activities to do this. "When a student does not participate in extracurricular activities, it can negatively affect their academic performance" (University of Southern Mississippi). Rather than giving students detentions, they can get a note sent home instead. This allows students to have a sit down with their parents without missing any opportunities.

Altogether, detention negatively affects students mental health and academic performance. Detention also serves as an unnecessary nuisance for the student's parents. For these reasons, I believe that detention is an inconvenient and unfair punishment. After reading this article, do you think detention is a fair punishment?

Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2018

By: Nikki S.

We all want to look are best all of the time. But sometimes it is too difficult to keep up with the trends or understand what's happening. It happens to the best of us... not knowing what to wear on a day out or free dress day. We all deserve to look and feel confident so here are the top 10 fashion trends of 2018.

Number one: Berets

This can be a bold statement and you may not believe that you could pull it off. But you will never know if you don't try. Berets are an amazing accessory that can help bring together or top off a great outfit. You can also find many stars walking around making this fashion statement like Rihanna.

Number 2: Pretty Plaid

Now you have to find the right plaid to pull this off. You don't want to go walking around looking like a farmer. Here are some ways to prevent that. First, make sure the plaid matches and don't wear jeans with a plaid shirt, it might not look the best. Also try to incorporate only one item of plaid at a time or it might start looking funky. Lastly, you could use the plaid as a splash of cool by wearing it around your waist.

Number 3: Lavender

Lavender is the perfect color. It is pastel, but still vibrant and makes who ever wears it look like a queen! A lot of brands presented there styles down the runway with beautiful pastel color on many stunning models. It is especially beautiful with floral designs.

Number 4: Black and white polka-dots

This whimsical print is hitting the market for the look for spring of 2018. Make sure you have lots of polka-dotted clothes before spring to hit of the fashion season. This look is bold and beautiful and make sure everyone knows your on top of your game.

Number 5: Square neckline

This neckline gives you a clean and crisp look when out and about. Did you know this style originally came out during the Renaissance? Well, we are bringing the 13th century back this year for sure!

Number 6: Puffed shoulders

Puffed shoulders are making another round in the fashion world this year. I feel like they were also kind-of popular last year. So bring out those puffed shoulders and wear them to look on fleek! These shoulders were inspired by a vintage collection on Instagram.

Number 7: Waist belt

It doesn't matter what you wear just make sure you have a waist belt to top off the perfect look. Make sure the belt matches your color scheme or use it as a pop of color. I guarantee no matter what you wear with it, I that you look fabulous!

Number 8: Vintage florals

Vintage florals look stunning on everyone. I really like vintage flowers on dresses especially long dresses which match perfectly with a pair of heels!

Number 9: Yellow dresses

Yellow dresses are a cute way to express yourself with bright colors. It's a very broad trend so mix it up and you could come up with your own style of dress. To wear this you have to be loud and proud to show off your girl power and looks!

Number 10: The famous jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits and the way they look. They come in so many shapes and sizes so you can feel good and look good. They also make yellow jumpsuits and vintage floral jumpsuits so you can really follow up with the trend! "There's going to be one for every taste and body shape" (Personalshop). There is no better way to say it, jumpsuits are for everyone.

I hope you liked these fashion tips and they help you the next time you shop or have a free dress day. Always remember to follow dress code so you don't get written up, but other than that have fun with it. It's hard to plan an outfit when you are scared of people's opinion. Stay confident and beautiful. ♡

Are Cell Phones Like Cigarettes?

By: Sophia W.

Did you know that 1 billion people in the world smoke and about 84% of adults can not stay off their cell phones? Many people are strongly addicted to phones and cigarettes. Some people think that phones and cigarettes have nothing in common. In addition, they both affect the mental state and health of adults and young adults. Andre Spicer from CNN says, "Neurological research has found that dopamine can be triggered by cell phone use. The same thing happens when a smoker takes a drag of a cigarette." This evidence shows that cellphones truly can become addictive like a cigarette.

Now, you may be thinking, how can a cellphone affect me like a cigarette could? Well, having a cellphone on for an excessive amount of time can affect your mental health. Andre Spicer states that, "Consumers who use smartphones to a problematic extent tend to have higher levels of anxiety and depression." People who use an excessive amount of mobile phone use have an increasing rate of depression and anxiety compared to people who have control over their phone and do not let it take over their lives.

Nicholas W. from 8th grade was asked what he thought about cellphone use and how it affected his daily life. He started, "I think that phones can have several pros and cons, but when they are monitored and not misused they can be used for good purposes. I personally try to not use my phone for more than two and a half hours per day and wish that others would do the same too." All in all, phones can definitely be addictive but can be used for good purposes when in good hands.

____________________________________________April 2018____________________________________________

By Sydney M. and Sophia W.

Every school year, Sacred Heart Schools on Sheridan Road and other Sacred Heart Schools in the U.S, host an exchange program. For one week, one student from a Sacred Heart school stays with the chosen exchange student, from another Sacred Heart School and then they switch. This year seven Sheridan Road students are participating, six boys and one girl. From a current interview with Olivia C. we have learned more about the program. Olivia C. came across the opportunity "from the presentations given by the previous students who participated [in the exchange program]." Olivia C. has already hosted an exchange student. Soon she will be leaving to stay as an exchange student in San Francisco, California. She is going to go to the Convent and Stuart Hall (Sacred Heart School) in San Francisco. When Olivia's exchange student came to Chicago they went sightseeing in the city. Olivia and her exchange student had a lot of fun downtown Chicago. Olivia assumes that she will be doing the same when she goes to San Francisco. In the long run, Olivia hopes "to see how other schools work and how they reflect and teach the five goals." We hope the exchange students learn from their experience and have fun.

This is a special opportunity for students and it is only available for 8th graders. Sacred Heart Schools across the country have been hosting this for many years and it has become a Sacred Heart tradition.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDecember, 2017aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Net Neutrality - What You Need To Know

By George Huebnner

Update: Yesterday on December 14th, the FCC officially repealed the Obama administration's net neutrality laws, freeing Internet service providers from their Title II classification. Hopefully they will not change their policies.

Net neutrality is a topic that has been circulating around the nation for the past few months, and it can be a confusing matter. Sacred Heart students should be well-informed about issues like these, which is the purpose of this article. Basically,

  • The FCC is going to vote to repeal (take back) net neutrality laws that are in place.
  • This effort if being led by the FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, recently appointed earlier this year.
  • If the FCC does vote to repeal net neutrality, ISPs (Internet Service Providers, like Comcast, AT&T, etc) will be reclassified under Title I.
  • This would loosen restrictions on what ISPs are allowed to do.
  • This would allow a "tiered internet," or an internet where you would need to pay extra to have faster access to a website (or access to a website at all). This doesn't benefit anyone, especially those who can't afford these luxuries.
  • ISPs could modify speed and access to certain websites for a charge, or in favor of crushing that company using unfair business practices.
  • While the repealing of these laws does not guarantee that ISP's will engage in these unfair practices, it does leave everyone at their mercy.
  • The actual voting process will take place tomorrow, December 14, this Thursday.

You might have seen this poster around the school:

The staff at the newspaper strongly encourages you to support Net Neutrality if you believe in it. A free and open internet for all allows anyone is the world to come and visit this newspaper, which contains a certain amount of awesomeness within itself. An update will be posted after the FCC votes tomorrow.

April, 2017

March Madness Contest Results

By Joseph G

Wow! March Madness was crazy this year. There were lots of big upsets (such as South Carolina over Duke, Wisconsin over Villanova, and Michigan over Louisville) and many games went down to the wire. After some crazy good basketball, the final game was one of the biggest nail-biters of the tournament until there were 5 seconds left.

Our Sheridan Road Record bracket contest was extremely close too, and the finish was as close as ever. Here are the top 25 finishers:

25. Trent G. (H6) - 75 Points

25. Dylan K. (A7) - 75 Points

23. Will S. (H7) - 76 Points

22. Will M. (H6) - 80 Points

22. Benjamin P. (H7) - 80 Points

22. Andrew F. (H7) - 80 Points

19. Corbin K. (H6) - 83 Points

19. Olivia C. (A7) - 83 Points

19. Colin D. (H6) - 83 Points

16. Alex M. (H7) - 84 Points

15. Josh V. (H7) - 87 Points

14. Gonzalo M. (H7) - 91 Points

13. Raymond O. (H7) - 92 Points

12. Emersyn H. (A6) - 93 Points

11. Sean J. (H6) - 96 Points

10. Joey G. (H7) - 105 Points

8. Kate G. (A6) - 109 Points

8. Clayton B. t(H7) - 109 Points

7. Fin M. (H7) - 112 Points

6. Lily H. (A6) - 115 Points

4. Davis H. (H7) - 117 Points

4. Colin M. (H7) - 117 Points

And now for our winners: we have a three way tie this year! The winners are...

Kate C., Chris C., and the duo bracket of Grace G. and Marin C. All of them had 119 points, and won lunch with Mr. Simson.. Two of them -- Chris and Grace/Marin -- also picked the national champion correctly: North Carolina.

Congratulations to our winners! And get ready, everyone, for next year's Sheridan Road Record bracket contest: March Madness 2018!

March, 2017

March Madness Contest: First and Second Round Update
March Madness Contest: First and Second Round Update

By Joseph Gorman

Wow! These first two rounds have been crazy with many top teams getting knocked out. The First Round had no major upsets, but the Second Round knocked out Florida State, Louisville, Duke, and the defending champs Villanova! Here are some of the biggest games so far.

First Round:

Notre Dame (5) def. Princeton (12), 60-58

This is where the madness began! Notre Dame v. Princeton was the first matchup of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. This game was back and forth, very close, and no one had clinched the game until it was over. Bonzie Colson led Notre Dame to victory with 18 points and Matt Farrell had another 16 points.

USC (11) def. SMU (6), 66-65

This game might have helped bust your bracket, it certainly helped bust mine! With SMU riding a 15 game winning streak into the game, it all went to waste at the hands of Bennie Boatwright and the USC Trojans. In a game that seemed like it would be a runaway win for SMU, the Trojans just wouldn't go away. Three Trojans finished the game in double figures, with Elijah Stewart, a junior guard, leading the way with 22 points. A Semi Ojeleye led Mustangs team certainly seemed like a tall task for most if not all programs in the country, but the Trojans used a zone defense for the majority of the second half, and stormed back from an eight point deficit at the half to pull of the upset, one of the biggest of the first round.

Michigan (7) def. Oklahoma St. (10), 92-91

What a showdown! Michigan came into the tournament hot after winning the Big Ten! But, the Michigan defense was having trouble guarding superstar Jawun Evans. After getting behind early, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman put up 9 quick points and giving Michigan a 41-40 lead at the half. In the game, Michigan hit 16 threes and Derrick Walton Jr. had 26 points, and 11 assists (a double-double!). Michigan played amazing and barely came out of this game on top.

Second Round:

Michigan (7) def. Louisville (2), 73-69

The Championship Showdown from 2013 all over! The seed 7 Wolverines came in on a roll after beating Oklahoma St. by 1 and winning the Big Ten! After a slow start in the first half, the Wolverines pulled through to take the lead towards the end of the game and never give it up. The sophomores Moritz Wagner and DJ Wilson put up 43 points together. Wagner had 26 and Wilson had 17.

Baylor (3) def. USC (11), 82-78

What a close game! Jonathon Motley put up 19 points with a double-double to lead Baylor to victory! King McClure added on another 17 points and Terry Maston had 19! USC took a quick lead in the second half but did not hold onto it for long. Baylor barely pulled through to the Sweet Sixteen after an epic showdown!

South Carolina (7) def. Duke (2), 88-81

The Blue Devils have lost! The favorite for many brackets, Duke, lost to South Carolina on Sunday Night. After winning the ACC, nothing seemed to be able to stop Duke. But, the way they played Sunday proved otherwise. Duke committed 18 turnovers! and their star player, Jayson Tatum fouled out, two other starters (Luke Kennard, Matt Jones) also fouled out. After being down by 7 at the half. After halftime, the Gamecocks turned the game around and scored 65 points in the second half. Sindarius Thornwell scored 24 points, and Chris Silva had a double-double.

Wisconsin (8) def. Villanova (1), 65-62

What an upset! Villanova, the defending champions and the top overall seed in the tournament seemed almost invincible with senior guard Josh Hart, forward Kris Jenkins, and a strong supporting cast. Nevertheless, the Badgers figured them out! The Badgers led a well balanced attack with four of five starters scoring in double figures, with Nigel Hayes leading the way, scoring 19 points, two of which were scored on the game clinching bucket, a sweet reverse layup with a defender right on him. Villanova played okay, but certainly nowhere near their best basketball, and Wisconsin capitalized on a team where the guards Josh Hart, Jalen Brunson, and Donte DiVincenzo were the only ones who got things going in terms of scoring.

Kentucky (2) def. Wichita St. (10), 65-62

The Wildcats got it done in the clutch! Kentucky's freshman heavy team were able to pull through and get to the Sweet Sixteen under Coach Cal. De'Aaron Fox, coming of an ankle injury, and Malik Monk led the way for Kentucky with 14 points apiece, with Bam Adebayo tallying a double-double, with 13 points and 10 boards. Landry Shamet (20 points) and company led a valiant effort for Wichita State, but couldn't hit a three at the buzzer that would have sent the game into overtime.

Oregon (3) def. Rhode Island (11), 75-72

The seed 3 Oregon Ducks knocked out Rhode Island in one of the tightest matchups in the tournament. Sophomore Guard Tyler Dorsey lead the Ducks to victory with 27 points. Oregon trailed by 8 at the half but tied up the game and took the lead 40 seconds left!

Middle School Contest

The Middle School Contest has gotten off to a great start, with lots of tight competition. Emersyn H. is in the lead but there is a very close race behind her. Here are the current standings (we will typically report top ten but due to ties, here are the top eleven):

1. Emersyn H. (A6), 53

2. Owen J. (H7), 52

3. Nate R. (H6), 51

3. Dylan K. (A7), 51

3. Josh V. (H7), 51

6. Neve C. (A7), 50

6. Leo R. (H8), 50

8. Kate C. (A7), 49

8. Clayton B. (H7), 49

8. Kyle M. (H7), 49

8. Davis H. (H7), 49

Good job to all who are participating in the contest!

Top Ways To Manage Your Homework When You're Sick

By Catherine H, Alexandra K, & Caroline N

When you are sick, usually you just want to sleep and play games. Even though that seems like your only option, the best possible thing to do is work on your homework. Here are four ways to keep up with your homework on a sick day.

One of the easiest ways to keep up on homework is to check Canvas. Canvas is on your Chromebook and allows you to see all of your classes. Even if you have the flu, you can easily access the website.

Another great option is to email your teachers. Even though it may be nerve wracking to email your teachers, there is no way you will miss an assignment. For instance, if you have a cold and you ask your teacher for the homework they will understand. They will think that you are working hard to get a good grade in their class, and really appreciate it.

A third option could be to ask a sibling or friend to bring you your homework. Imagine that you are sick and your sibling/friend is going to school. If you ask them to bring you your homework, they will.

Our last plan is to always write in your planner. If you write about projects in your planner, you will be able to remember. For example, if you have an assignment coming up and you are sick, you can look in your planner and easily remember what you must finish before next class.

Whether you are stuck in bed with the flu or you have a cold, we hope that these four options make doing your homework easier.

February, 2017

By Will F. and Henry H.

This weekend, the Hardey 6 basketball teams are in the playoffs. Of the three teams, two of them are in the championship bracket! The H6 White Team has come back from a devastating 0-2 start and has only lost two games since. The H6 Red Team had a strong start and has only lost two games this season. Both of the games that the red team lost were the second game of a double header. The H6 Black Team has not won a game and are hoping to go on a win streak and win the consolation bracket.

The two teams that made it to the championship bracket may be playing each other at one point in the playoffs. The H6 Red team is in third and hoping to end in first. The only two teams that are ranked in front of the Red Team are Saint Alphonsus and Northside Catholic (NCA). Northside Catholic is undefeated and in first place. Saint Alphonsus is in second and has only lost one game and it was to an FXW team that both H6 Red and White beat. But the Sacred Heart White Team almost beat NCA and the Sacred Heart Black Team has almost beaten Saint Alphonsus. H6 Red has not lost to either of them. Their only two losses are to Saint Alphonsus' other team and Saint Clement.

As always it is going to be a very exciting playoffs with all these great teams. There has not been a year when a Hardey basketball team from the Class of 2019 has not made it to the playoffs. Two years ago one of the teams won the championship for the championship bracket. Last year was the first year two teams made it to the Championship bracket but one team got out in the first round. This year we are hoping that both of the teams from Hardey make it as far as possible and maybe one team will win it all. Every team has had fun this year and everyone has worked hard hopefully all their hard work pays off.

Lion King Jr: The Musical

By: Caroline N., Sophia W., and Nicky S.

We're sure you have all heard about the school play and have probably been to it. It will show for 3 days only, so mark your calendars for April 7, 8, and 9! Previous, Sacred Heart has put on some amazing musicals. In previous years, we have seen Mary Poppins Jr., Annie get Your Gun, Peter Pan, and a lot more! This year's play is The Lion King Jr. by Tim Rice. This musical will be performed by Sacred Heart's very own middle schoolers! Any middle schooler can join. If singing, dancing, and acting isn't your thing, then you can join crew. No matter what you are, an actor/actress, crew, or part of the audience, it is a great show and experience.

If you want to join in the play next year, you will need to audition. First, you have to audition in front of the producers, Mr. Nixon, Mrs. Renn, and Ms. Steinfels. Then, a few days later you will receive a letter back personally from the team of producers, and you will know your role and the terms of conditions. By then you would be a true actor/actress!

By now you might be wondering what we do in play. So here are three main parts which are choreography, singing, and memorizing lines. Rehearsals are mostly all week but we are not called to show up every day. Choreography is so much fun when Ms. Renn, Mr. Steele, and Ms. Oelerich teach us. Mr. Nixon does music with Mr. Sebastian. Also Ms. Steinfels does improvisation with us. Play is super fun and exciting so I know the performance will be too.

The play is a big production with many different roles. These roles include Young Simba played by London B., Young Nala played by Aine S., Simba played by Matthew T., Nala played by Mackenzie J., Scar played by Bridget W., Timon played by Payton L., and Pumba played by Will E. There also are lionesses, hyenas, and drummers.

We have been having so much fun rehearsing and imagining characters in the musical! It is so fun and we encourage you to join! We hope to see you in early April for the show!

December, 2016

By Jay D. and Davis H.

Technology is becoming such a big part in our daily lives, especially in education. The Sheridan Road Record interviewed a new addition to Sacred Heart Schools staff, Mr. Dvorak. Mr. Dvorak is the new Director of Technology, so we wanted to ask him a few questions.

Q: What tech experience did you have before this job at Sacred Heart?

A: I worked at Columbia College and I was the operation manager; the focus there was television. I have worked in the TV industry, and I was a teacher. I thought about video editing and TV.

Q: Technology is so important in education. How do you see this growing in the future?

A: There is so much happening with technology today and using all of the different tools. Collaborating with people over the internet is so important.

Q: What got you interested in technology?

A: I was always a geek for a long time, and I was on the internet when it came out. I was always interested in TV and all of the software and hardware.

Mr. Dvorak was very nice and pleased that the SHS community is welcoming him in such a nice way. He would be happy to answer any questions anyone has for him, so stop by the Technology Office if you want to learn more.

By Owen J.

A few weeks ago, many 7th graders from 23 independent and public schools all over Chicago attended their first session of Ballroom Dance classes at the Women's Athletic Club. The Women's Athletic Club, which is located in downtown Chicago, has been hosting these classes for the last 30 years. This year, the amount of students signing up for the classes was at a record high of more than 600 students, and the Women's Athletic Club had to adjust the amount of classes that each student attended, so that all students would be able to participate.

You might be asking yourself why these classes might be so popular with 7th graders. Most 7th graders might not be that interested in learning ballroom dancing, but the students are also taught social etiquette, including the proper way to sit, stand, introduce themselves, and ask someone to dance. While all of these things might not be high on a list of things your average 7th grader wants to know about, most students report that their parents do want them to learn these things and that is why they get signed up. Anonymous students from middle school had some additional input they shared. A Hardey 7th grade boy said "I like meeting new people." Another 8th grade girl said "I like Foodlife afterwards." For Sacred Heart students, it also gives them the opportunity to participate in a co-ed activity, which something that does not happen every day during school.

So far, students have participated in two sessions and have three more still to come. They have learned the foxtrot, the Cupid shuffle, the electric slide and the swing. "I loved it," said an 8th grade student. Seventh graders are also liking ballroom.

Move Review: Doctor Strange

By George H.

Doctor has most critics raving. With Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange, Tilda Swinton playing The Ancient One and Benedict Wong playing the comical Wong, it has a promising yet not fully discovered cast, giving all of the actors involved some time in the spotlight. But if anyone had to ask me what my favorite part of Doctor Strange was, I would immediately start raving about the graphics. I have to hand it to the folks at Marvel Studios, as I could not even have imagined any of the perplexing dimensions they take the viewer through. Personally, I thought that a few things were lost with the focus on the special effects, including the plot. There were still good fight scenes, including one where a normal London street becomes a twisting, moving battleground, but there were a few gaps that prevented this great film from being a fantastic one. Overall, Doctor Strange was worth seeing, with an emphasis on the special effects. The plot could have been better, but when Doctor Strange and the bad guys duked it out in the mirror dimension, nothing on Earth could divert my attention.

Overall Rating:

Hamilton in Chicago: A Review of the Hit Broadway Musical

By Joseph G. and Jay D.

The hit musical Hamilton has come to Chicago! Hamilton is a historical musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton beginning when he was 17 all the way to his death in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

Hamilton is a show that combines an original and outstanding soundtrack, fantastic acting and the important story about one of America's Founding Fathers. The playwright, composer and lyricist for the show, Lin Manuel-Miranda, was also the main character in the original New York performances. When he was on a vacation in the Caribbean, he brought a book, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, which was a biography of the life of Alexander Hamilton. Miranda was so intrigued by the book that he did extensive research on the life of Hamilton to see if he could write a play about it. He met with Chernow, who was reluctant at first about the idea but then finally agreed to help Miranda. In about a month, Miranda had written the first song. In total, the whole show includes 46 songs. While it took several years of hard work to create this musical, it was worth it. Hamilton has won numerous awards including 11 Tony Awards and audiences have loved the show.

Having both seen the show here in Chicago, we highly recommend Hamilton to adults and kids interested in history, politics and musical theatre. Almost all of the songs in this musical are in the hip-hop style and very little happens on stage without a song being sung. Song after song, the musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton's life and many important events during and after the American Revolution. Once you see the show, you'll want to the buy the soundtrack, too!

Hamilton is currently being performed eight times a week at The PrivateBank Theater in the Chicago Loop. While tickets can be hard to get because the show is so popular, one great option is the lottery on the show's website. The lottery is a daily opportunity through which you can enter an online drawing and the winners can receive up to two tickets to that day's performance for only $10 each. We wonder if the price was chosen because Hamilton is on the face of the $10 bill? Regardless, it's worth every penny in your pocket!

Overall Rating:

World's Greatest News: Our Trip to WGN

By Jay D.

The Sheridan Road Record staff had the great experience of taking an adventurous trip on the Monday of Columbus Day weekend. Our morning at WGN was jam packed and a great experience. We were immediately greeted by Terry Sullivan, the senior Legal Analyst for WGN TV. Then, we proceeded inside into the large studio and we saw the main studio while they were doing that morning's live TV News Broadcast! The lead weather reporter was reporting live right from the studio. Our tour guide then showed us the main news desk where the majority of what you see from TV is broadcasted. The news reporters were on a break but ready to go back once the break was over.

Throughout our tour we were able to gather and take in a lot of information. We attended the media center where all of the journalists and writers research their articles. In that same room, there was an interview going on about the recent elections, which was very interesting to sit in on. The day was full of fun and we got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes activities that go on such as bloopers. The Sheridan Road Record staff witnessed a very humorous blooper: our tour guide inadvertently walked in front of the teleprompter! Although this was a small mistake, it was very funny and even the newscasters got a good laugh about it. Our overall experience at WGN was amazing and the newspaper staff is enormously grateful for the educational experience.

Journalism 101: Trip to the Tribune

By Jay D.

On Wednesday, October 26, the staff of The Sheridan Road Record had the nice opportunity to be involved for an afternoon at the Chicago Tribune. We were driven to the Tribune tower where we were greeted by a tour guide who graciously escorted us up to the newspaper floor and as we turned the corner, we all exclaimed, "Wow!" "This is huge." We saw all of the journalists hard at work, and we were mesmerized at how large the room was. Our tour guide, Margaret Holt, the Standards Editor for the Tribune, was very knowledgeable as to how to navigate throughout the offices. After a few minutes, the group gathered in the conference room and sat down at the table where they discuss what the paper is going to contain each day. Next, Assistant Managing Editor George Papajohn also joined us and the group split up touring different sections and explored the floor where the newspaper is created.

The Sheridan Road Record staff was able to view the Test Kitchen and the famous editorial boardroom where President Obama sat when the Tribune Editorial Board interviewed him during his bid to become President. We had a great time learning about the history of the room and all of the famous people who have been there but that ended when we were allowed to attend the daily two o'clock staff meeting with many important editors on the Tribune staff, including Mr. Bruce Dold. Mr. Dold is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Tribune. During the meeting, the editors around the table gave each other a preview of what was going to be published in the upcoming newspaper, both online and in the print edition. Since our visit took place during the World Series, several of the stories discussed were about the Chicago Cubs and its fans. The meeting was probably the highlight of the trip and we all had the chance to ask Mr. Dold questions at the end. It was inspiring for our staff to be in a room with these professionals who report the important national and local news to our Chicago community every day. As we left that day, we passed by a stone wall engraved with the words of the First Amendment guaranteeing the important right of freedom of the press.

October, 2016

Getting to know Athletic Director Eric Simpson

By Drew S. and Will S.

In this article, we interviewed the new Athletic Director of Sacred Heart, Mr. Simpson. We asked Mr. Simpson some questions that students may be wondering.

Question: What is your favorite thing about your new job?
Answer: "The best part about my new job is working with the students of Hardey Prep and the Academy, as well as a terrific group of coaches."

Question: How did you find this job?
Answer: "I was honored for the opportunity to speak at Angel Brunch two years ago."

Question: Why did you choose this school?
Answer: "Since that time, I stayed connected to the Sacred Heart and applied for the Athletic Director position when the job was posted. I could not be happier to be back and for the opportunity to support the Sacred Heart students through our athletic programs."

Question: What is your favorite sport?
Answer: "I honestly enjoy watching Sacred Heart students compete in all of our athletic programs. I hope our students are enjoying themselves and learning and growing through their experiences in athletics. I admire student-athletes that exhibit hard work, good sportsmanship and teamwork on any team."

Question: What is your favorite sport to coach?
Answer: "My experience in coaching is exclusive to basketball. I have been fortunate to work with great young people at the high school and collegiate level over the last 20 years. I am looking forward to working with our students and basketball coaches this winter."

Question: Are you coaching a Sacred Heart team this year?
Answer: "I will not be coaching a team at Sacred Heart this year, but I look forward to assisting our coaches in any way that I can."

Question: Why did you choose this school?
Answer: "I chose Sacred Heart because of my great experience here as a student. I have tremendous respect for all of the faculty and staff members that work so hard every day to provide our student body with a truly first-rate education."

Question: Where is your office?
Answer: "Room 501, Rosemont Building"

Question: What was your first impression when you came to this school?
Answer: "Except for the 'new building' on the south end of campus, the school looks the same, only everything seems a little smaller as an adult. I also miss the presence of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the building. They had a tremendous positive impact on the students of my era. Sr. Mary McMahon was a particular mentor for me."

Question: What year of Alumni were you?
Answer: "1986 – Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, break dancing and checkerboard vans were in style."

The Turf Field at Sacred Heart

There is an exciting new edition to the Sheridan Road playground for all students to enjoy: a turf field. The turf field is large enough to play soccer, football and other fun games during recess and gym, with the added bonus of feeling like you are on a real field. The turf field will allow students to have a much more active and enjoyable experience. We also interviewed a handful of students at Sacred Heart and asked their opinions of the turf field. "My favorite sport is soccer," 7th grader Clayton B. tells us. "I think the turf field really makes that a better experience, because before [we had the turf field] we had to use the concrete and a lot of soccer balls would fly over [the fence]." Another 7th grader, Kate C., agrees. "I like the turf field because when you fall down, you don't get hurt and now we can play soccer," she reasons. "I think this was a good investment for Sacred Heart because that area is put to use a lot more." A part of Sacred Heart's Masterpiece Campaign, the turf field, along with other campus additions, is generally enjoyed by most students. Everyone looks forward to new and innovative ways to use the turf field!

Getting to Know the Head of Middle School Dan Gargano

By Joseph G. and George H.

We had a chance to interview Mr. Dan Gargano, the new Middle School Division Head at Sacred Heart. Prior to coming to SHS, he was a teacher and an administrator at several different schools and was most recently the principal at St. Thecia School in Chicago. The Sheridan Road Record thought students might want to get to know him better so we interviewed Mr. Gargano about his background in education and his other interests.

Question: Why did you come here to Sacred Heart?
Answer: "I came to Sacred Heart for the same reasons your parents sent you here. I like the Goals and Criteria, and it is a great academic school. I want to help families, students and teachers to achieve their goals and do well in school."

Question: How is Sacred Heart different from other school(s) you have taught at?
Answer: "It is the largest school I've taught at, and there are also single-gender classes.">

Question: What are your favorite things to do?
Answer: "My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family."

Question: What is your favorite sports team?
Answer: "My favorite sports team is the Cubs. I am hopeful and excited for this October, and I hope that the Cubs do well."

Question: Where did you get your degree?
Answer: "I received my undergrad degree from Depaul University for teaching grades 5-12 in English, Social Studies and African American Literature. Then, I received my graduate degree from Concordia."

Question: What made you want to become a teacher?
Answer: "My mom and dad were both teachers and I ended up helping out a friend who was a teacher when I was in college. I dressed up as a goofy superhero, Zero the Hero. I loved working with the kids in that class."

Question: What are your hobbies?
Answer: "I like working out. I like watching movies and shows on Netflix, I like to try new restaurants and I like going to a good baseball game."

It was fun to get to know Mr. Gargano a little better and we are fortunate to have him at our school.

Mascot Training

By Christopher C.

This year there is a new addition to the student life at Sacred Heart: Mascot training. The participants were all very excited. Everyone present had the unique opportunity to learn how to be a mascot from the cheer team at Loyola University. The cheer squad taught the trainees how to stay hydrated and what to do if a little kid gets scared. At the end, everyone was able to put on their mascot suit, whether it be the Falcon for Hardey or the Wildcat for the Academy. (They quickly learned how hot and stuffy it is in there!)

After that, there were two events for the mascots: the Red and White induction and the Edgewater 5k mascot race. All students, new and old, were excited when the mascot duo made an appearance. The second event was the Edgewater 5k. The mascots were cheering all of the racers on. After the 5k was over, the mascots from around Edgewater had a mascot race, and true to form, the mascots proudly ran clad in their suits. In the end, the Wildcat placed 2nd and close behind was the Falcon, who placed in 3rd. Everyone at Sacred Heart is looking forward to more fun activities with Sacred Heart's own Falcon and Wildcat!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Movie Review

By George H.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the critically acclaimed book by Ransom Riggs, has been turned into a movie directed by none other than Tim Burton himself. The basic premise is promising; a home full of children with remarkable, superhuman abilities. These children are being hunted by hostile monsters called hollowgast, unfortunate results of a failed experiment. The film cast well known stars such as Asa Butterfield as Jacob, the protagonist, Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, and Samuel Jackson portraying the antagonist. In opening weekend it brought in a disappointing $28M, not even close to its $110M. However, it atoned for its poor performance by making $147M worldwide at press time. One important thing to remember, however, are some rather disturbing scenes, so be careful and read other reviews (and don't bring along your sister from 2nd grade!) to make sure that you know what you're in store for.

Rating: 4/5



Arts & Technology Editor

Managing Editor

Podcast Supervisor




Movie reviews

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

By George H

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War just hit theaters, and it was monumentous. Words really cannot describe the twists and turns and wide-scale feeling of the latest installment in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Infinity War follows several different character arcs which all eventually culminate in one epic final battle. The story starts where Thor: Ragnarok left off and tells of Thanos, a mad Titan who seeks to wipe out half of all sentient beings with the power of the Infinity Stones. You might have seen these stones in franchises such as Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and The Avengers (specifics are omitted to prevent spoilers to those who haven't seen those movies). Super heroes who make an appearance in this film include the Avengers, the Winter Soldier, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Thor. Because of the very plot heavy nature of the movie, it is recommended that you watch at least a few specific Marvel movies to fully grasp the plot. The newspaper's recommended watch list is as follows:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Avengers: Civil War
  • Doctor Strange
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • The Avengers
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Black Panther

While this does seem like a chore, it does clear up many parts of Infinity War and lets you focus on the good stuff. It would probably be worth it to postpone your viewing of Infinity War if you didn't have a solid understanding of the events of the MCU. If you had to watch just one, though, Thor: Ragnarok would probably be the best choice. As for box office information, statistics haven't really been realized at the time of writing (April 26). However, it is worth noting that Infinity War beat Black Panther's presale record in a matter of 6 hours. The cast includes Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Josh Brolin as Thanos, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Karen Gillan. Overall, Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that Marvel fans will adore and others will scratch their heads over. Moviegoers will get the best experience if they know what they're going to see, as this film does not appeal to as large of an audience as other action movies like Star Wars do. But for those who do know what's going on, Infinity War is a brilliant movie. Also, news outlets such as the Times criticized the film for its long runtime, but the newspaper staff did not believe it was dull as some articles make it out to be.



Black Panther Movie Review

By George H

Black Panther from Marvel Studios dropped in theaters on February 16 and hit the ground running. Already, Black Panther has smashed several box office records, including best opening in February, the top-grossing movie directed by a person of color, and one of the top five openings of all time. The film raked in a little over 202 million dollars in its opening weekend alone, already surpassing the film's 200 million budget. The film begins where Captain America: Civil War left off, with the death of T'Challa's (Chadwick Boseman) father. T'Challa becomes the king of Wakanda, a fictional secret kingdom in Africa, far more technologically advanced than the other world powers. T'Challa's cousin and nemesis, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) bears a deep set hatred against the powerful nation and seeks to dethrone the new king. Other notable actors in the film include Lupita Nyong'o (who some may recognize as Maz Kanata from the more recent Star Wars movies), Forest Whitaker (Rogue One), Daniel Kaluuya (Black Mirror & Get Out) and Andy Serkis (Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars, Rise of the Planet of the Apes). The film has received much praise because the cast and crew are mostly people of color. Regardless of the race of the actors and directors, the film was absolutely fantastic, mixing in just the right amount of humour, action, and plot to make a brilliant superhero movie. Additionally, for those who wish to see more Black Panther, a sequel is in the works, not to mention Avengers: Infinity War (releasing on April 27th) which will include many characters from across the Marvel universe, including T'Challa.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

By George H

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is the latest installment in the gargantuan sci-fi franchise, and it sure packs a punch coming in with a runtime of two hours and thirty three minutes, the longest Star Wars movie ever. To avoid confusion, an ordered list of the Star Wars movies has been provided in numerical order.

  • The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
  • A New Hope (1977)
  • The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • Return of the Jedi (1983)
  • The Force Awakens (2015)
  • The Last Jedi (2017)

The narrative of The Last Jedi picks right up where Episode VII left off at Anch-To (omitted for a spoiler-free article). The film, like its predecessors, follows a very strict plot curve that, unfortunately, is usually very predictable. However, The Last Jedi does throw the watcher some curveballs that catch you off guard. Some of these surprises have the potential to be very suspenseful, but finish early leaving the viewer unsatisfied with the scene's conclusion. While these surprises are numbered and could be figured out using prior information, the whole movie is a torrent of information and action, leaving you no time to think on past events. The only other grudge I had from the movie was that many of the plot items (location, events, character, etc.) felt copy-pasted from previous movies in the franchise. For example, the beginning of the movie is very similar to The Empire Strikes Back, and Crait reminds me very much of Hoth (not identical, just similar in some ways). Switching gears to box office stuff, The Last Jedi has already grabbed around 45 million on Thursday night alone, a number only bested by The Force Awakens. Then again, The Force Awakens also is the number 1 movie of all time domestically, and also had one of the best openings worldwide. The cast of The Last Jedi includes Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren/Ben Solo), John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), and Carrie Fisher (R.I.P. Princess Leia). So, should you see it? Definitely. The Last Jedi crams so much plot down your throat that you might even need to see it twice. Overall, it's a fantastic movie and lives up to the Star Wars legacy.

Tip: Try getting tickets right around Christmas time (Christmas day, Christmas Eve) if it works for you, as theatres are much more empty.



(Note: Plot description purposely omitted entirely to avoid spoilers)