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Alumni Supports Sheridan Road

As a graduate of Sacred Heart Schools, you share a unique bond with the 706 current students, as well as more than 5,000 alumni living in Chicago and around the world. Better than anyone, you know the impact of a Sacred Heart education and the life-long connections forged during students' formative years on Sheridan Road. Just as you benefited from the generosity of alumni when you were a student, we now ask you to consider an investment in the children who soon will become the next generation of Academy and Hardey graduates. The gift you received, give as a gift.

Alumni support

  • provides scholarships for children from families with limited resources,
  • makes it possible for teachers to pursue advanced degrees,
  • maintains Sacred Heart's historic campus, and
  • funds extracurricular programs, from arts to athletics to community service.

Young Alumni Participation

St. Madeleine Sophie assured her students that “Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.” In the case of the Annual Fund, we might say your participation—even more than the size of your gift—is what matters. Your involvement will inspire others—and we’re convinced that’s what will make all the difference this year. So please give now. Gifts of any size will be appreciated, but here are some guidelines you might want to consider if you can’t quite decide how much you’d like to give.

  • Classes of 2004-2015: please consider a gift of $10 a year for the first 10 years after your graduation.
  • Classes of 2005 and older: after your 25th birthday, please consider a gift of $25 a year.

Thank you for making a difference for current and future SHS students. Your gift matters.

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Alumni Donors as of July 31, 2018

Matt C. Abbott H'90
Christine M. Ahern A'02
Halley T. Aldeen A'87
Kate Beck A'16
Sam Beck A'13
M. Lee Muller Beckermann ASH'53
Mary Quinn Berge ASH'58
Jean Hurley Bernhart ASH'50
Mary Bernstein, RSCJ ASH'64
Joan McIntyre Binder ASH'70
Mark T. Bishop H'59
Mary K. Sextro Black ASH'59
Paula Nichols Bork ASH'93
Adria Kitzman Brandt ASH'62
Sally Tuohy Brennan ASH'46
Robert H. Burg H'58
Marjorie Lane Bycraft ASH'57
Daniel S. Chertow H'87
Jennifer M. Chertow A'86
Georjean Zintel Clemency ASH'55
Joanne Cannella Constantine A'79
Ann Corrin A'04
Julia C. Corrin A'99
Camille P. Craven A'11
Emily R. Craven A'08
Kyle C. Craven H'11
Mari Hatzenbuehler Craven A'75
Carol Rae Culliton-Metzger ASH'68
Irene Yao Curry A'87
Mary Helen FitzGerald Daly ASH'50
Mary N. Darling ASH'55
Regan Andreas Deering A'89
Julia Donaldson A'09
Shelagh Kealy Donoghue ASH'72
Christopher Doolin H'00
Rosemary Dowd, RSCJ ASH'51
Anna Chesnul Dukes A'83
Maura Driscoll Egan A'92
Anne Twomey Ellis ASH'69
Jamee L. Jacobs Field ASH'65
Dorsi Thillens Finnegan ASH'59
Stephanie Byrnes Flynn ASH'52
Jean Purcell Furay ASH'54
Susan Wilke Geisler ASH'65
Sean Geoghegan H'95
George Giannoulias H'87
Lucia Kubiatowski Glunz A'83
Yvonne C. Godoy-Ramos ASH'63
Elaine Huarisa Gordon ASH'58
Elizabeth A. Grady A'06
Mary V. Grady A'06
Katherine Schneider Grantham ASH'70
Abigail E. Gravenhorst A'04
Eleanor C. Gravenhorst A'06
Tivas E. Gupta H'15
Sheila Hammond, RSCJ ASH'61
Yumi Okigawa Hara ASH'75
John P. Harding, III H'77
Daniel John Hartnett H'71
Marina O'Leary Hartnett ASH'75
Patrick M. Hartnett H'74
Andrea O'Leary Hasten ASH'71
Mary Louise LaVelle Hendricks ASH'65
Marina A. Hernandez, RSCJ ASH'60
Louise Stovall Holden A'75
Sydney B. Hosbein A'14
Michael Husman H'89
Helen Douaire Igoe ASH'49
Ann Layman Jordan ASH'56
Danielle Joyer A'10
Senya Manos Kalpake ASH'57
Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ ASH'55
Kip Kelley II H'78
Pascale Kidanu Johnson A'94
Frank Kiley H'60
Genevieve H. Kosciolek A'15
Kiera Kosciolek A'11
Charles Kost H'17
Gretchen M. Kubasiak A'83
Amylu Tiahnybik Kurzawski ASH'71
Kristin E. Lagerquist A'92
Stephen A. Layman H'62
Nicole J. Lechniak A'91
Catherine Long ASH'74
Rosemary Brown MacDonald ASH'72
Cecilia San Filippo Manietta ASH'59
Danielle Donovan McHugh A'89
Charles P. Megan H'63
Kathleen Hackett Megan ASH'67
Alexandra C. Milos A'02
Teddy Milos H'99
Elizabeth Haney Monahan ASH'63
Celeste-Rose Mammoser Murphy ASH'70
Anthony A. Nichols H'54
Margo Oelerich A'05
Betty Olivera ASH'73
Rosemary O'Neil ASH'42
Mary Lou Hasten O'Toole Hillsman ASH'51
Josephine O'Leary Pallasch ASH'67
Mike Pallasch H'05
Elizabeth Maloney Paolino ASH'64
Anastasia L. Pawlicki A'00
Elizabeth K. Philipp A'05
Alysse B. Piggott A'07
Allan V. Prochazka H'66
Jennifer A. Przybylo A'99
Mary Nelson Riley Stokes ASH'53
Blanche Guerin Rockwell A'38
C. C. Ryan A'95
Kelly Ryan H'87
Pat Ryan, Jr. H'81
Elizabeth Chertow Santarsiero A'84
Mary Rose Schumacher, RSCJ ASH'59
Joan M. Sextro ASH'54
Carol Krumholz Simmons ASH'75
Joanne Barranco Steenveld ASH'56
Jane M. Steinfels ASH'92
Joshua M. Steinfels-Saenz H'11
Brian Storey H'81
Jamie Gavin Sullivan ASH'75
Erica Chertow Tanane A'88
Robert W. Thomas H'59
Donald Thorson H'57
Jane Mary Finn Tighe ASH'53
Janet Halla Trily ASH'58
Mrs. Megan Driscoll Trolley A'89
Drazen J. Udhrain H'22
Sofia K. Udhrain A'23
George F. Vesley H'54
Robin DeLamar Voigt ASH'73
Peter T. Wall H'85
Barbara Wood White ASH'54
Ursula Krupinski Wiet ASH'55
Noelle E. Wojciechowski A'13
Joan Schneider Wrenn ASH'55
Alex Wyman H'91
Joey C. Yao H'86
Anonymous (6)