Catholic, Independent Elementary Schools Serving Chicago's Children Since 1876


Honor Roll of Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following members of the Sacred Heart Community who have supported the 2019-20 Annual Fund (through March 24, 2020).


Ms. Heran Girma and Mr. Daniel Abegaz
Kate and Dan Adamany
Mr. and Mrs. David Adams
Mr. Adedamola Adebare
The Aeschliman Family
Ms. Mesgana Woldeyesus and Mr. Mahder O. Agdubai
Ms. Sanabil A. Kareem and Dr. Anass S. Albayati
Halley T. Aldeen A'87 and Michael J. Vernon
Ms. Liza Girmay and Mr. Matias Z. Alemu
Selam A. Hailu and Yared Alemu
Mr. Jose Alfaro
Ms. Tressa Allard
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Alvers
Ms. Betelhem Lemma and Mr. Habtamu M. Ambelu
Carvajal Anaya Family
Ms. Abaynesh A. Assegu and Mr. Berhanu B. Anbessie
Mary and Christopher Anderson
Bobbi and James Anderson
Joellen and Mark Anderson
Amy and Cushman Andrews
Hannah Watts and Ryan Andrews
Gingle Angara
Antares Capital
The Arch Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Arnold, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Arnold, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mayshiark Y. Asare
Ms. Woderyeiesh S. Kahle and Mr. Fasil D. Asres
Mrs. Mary Clark Atkinson ASH'56
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Austin
Shebre Teklemariam and Dejene Bahiru
Ms. Yodit Measho and Mr. Aron G. Bahta
Annie and Dan Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Barnett
The Barney Family Foundation
Ms. Ana Batista
Rosemary Harp and Greg Bays
Elizabeth and Daniel Bayston
Salma and Imad Bazzi
Jacqueline and Peter Beale-DelVecchio
Jennifer and Bill Beattie
Kate Beck A'16
Samantha Beck A'13
Laura Becker
Beth and Brian Bentley
Louise and Brian Benzer
Mary Quinn Berge ASH'58
Ms. Frehiwet Habteyes and Mr. Destalem Berhe
Sandy Berry
Sue and Bill Bettman
Jen and Rob Biodrowski
Isabelle Perrault and Mark Birkett
Mark T. Bishop H'59
Mary K. Sextro Black ASH'59
Alyssa and Graham Blackwell
The Boeing Company
Liz and Brad Borchers
Caryn and Jonathan Borg-Breen
Paula and Greg Bork
Jennifer and Patrick Boyle
Jennifer Bozyk
Kate and Paul Bradley
Adria Kitzman Brandt ASH'62
Mr. and Mrs. Haim Brody
Brookfield Investment Management Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Keyandez V. Brooks
Lisa and Chris Brophy
Sean McCarthy Brown ASH'70
Jean M. Brunder
Beth and Brad Burk
Rebecca and Christopher Burns
Jen and Rob Burns
Mr. Howard S. Burton
Mary Kay and Art Bushonville
Diane and Joseph Butler
Pamela Butler and Michael Iannelli
Marjorie Lane Bycraft ASH'57† and John T. Bycraft†
The Caffrey Family
Ruben Calderon
Joan and Michael Callahan
Kris Carbon
Lindsay Walter Carlton
Arlene Talbot Carlucci
Laura Carrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carson
Carrie and Matt Cashion
Stacey and Tim Cavanagh
Hajra Cehaic
Ms. Heather Celiz Yap
Chaddick Foundation
Cathy and Pat Chambliss
The Alevras-Chen Family
The Chia Family
Maya Chorengel ASH'88
Ms. Taylor Christy
Sr. Maria Cimperman, RSCJ
Jennifer Clark
Mackenzie Clement
Elizabeth Coleman
Frank Bruno and John Coleman
Ms. Patricia Colini
Bethany Collins
Dr. Helena Gabriel and Mr. Patrick M. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Connolly
Ann Corrin A'04
Judy and Dean Corrin
Diana Cortez
Bridget and Matt Couture
Mrs. Caitlin Coyne
Ms. Christine K. Crandall
The Craven Family
Michelle and David Creed
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Croke
Lim and Cruikshank Family
Melissa Curran A'90
Dr. Irene Yao Curry A'87 and Mr. Thomas Curry
Hon. Vi and Mr. Vince Daley
Amy and Will Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Danak
Michele D'Andrea
Mary Darling ASH'55
Mr. and Mrs. Yu Darvish
Krystyna and Marek Daszynski
Cory and Benjamin Daverman
Ms. Sophia Reyes-David and Mr. Eric David
Paula and Bill Davidson
Katie and Nick Davies
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Davis
Frances de la Chapelle, RSCJ
Janet and Will De La Fuente
Regan and Brian Deering A'89
Kate and Chris DeLeeuw
Holly and Michael Demaray
Hollyann DePalma
Ms. Zenebech Desta
The Devine Family
Ms. Nikita Vaish and Mr. Anirudh Dhingra
The Dibble Family
Ms. Margot DiMuzio
Julia Donaldson A'09
The Donath Family
Shelagh Kealy Donoghue ASH'72
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Doolin H'00
Mr. and Mrs. Linneaus C. Dorman
Mrs. Mariella Dorn
Shannon and Steve Dorton
Annette and Kevin Dowdle
Ms. Ana Maria L. Downs A'80
Ms. Eden Dragicevich
Nikki and Steve Drake
Jacqueline S. Bush and John E. Dugenske
Nancy Hammond and Dave DuRoss
Mr. Brian East
Marie Whitney and Theo Epstein
Ana and Nate Ernst
Angela and Geoffrey Euston
The Evangelides Family
The Benoit Evans Family
The Everest Family
Exelon Business Services Company, LLC
Chelli and Darin Facer
Mr. and Mrs. David Falato
Betsy and Sean Fallon
Grace and Daniel Fazio
Jeanne and Peter Fellowes
Ms. Lori Fernandez
Marshall and Jamee Field Family Fund
Dorsi Thillens Finnegan ASH'59
Angela Williams and Tom Fitzmaurice
Jill and Tim FitzSimons
Maureen Flaherty
Stephanie and Jack Flynn ASH'52
Carl Forstmann Memorial Foundation
Jennifer and Tony Fout
Ms. Paula Fusco
The Gaito Family
Anne Duggan and Jaime Garcia-Anoveros
Mr. Dan Gargano
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Garino
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Garza
Susan Wilke Geisler ASH'65
Amanda George
Ms. Meredith George
Christy and Graham Gerst
Ms. Yodit Argaw and Mr. Alemeseged Getahun
Dr. Mariam M. Kappil and Dr. George C. Gettys
The Giannis Family
Patricia and Christos Giannoulias
Cari and George Giannoulias H'87

Maureen and Brendan Gilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Glunz, IV A'83
Susan Eggers and Bob Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Goldman
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Ms. Morgan Paulus and Mr. Benjamin Gonzalez
Mrs. Mary Goodrich
Kara and John Goodwin
Elaine Huarisa Gordon ASH'58
Ms. Katherine Davis and Mr. Don Gors
Elizabeth Grady A'06
Kimberly and Kerry Grady
Mary Grady A'06
Abby Gravenhorst A'04
Dr. Stephanie Gregory
Mrs. Anne McNamara Griffith ASH'44
Raymond H. Groble III
Ms. Beata Gron
Ms. Zulma Guevara
Sheryl and Vivek Gupta
David M. Gusaas
Mr. Bradley Gutzler H'94
Lisa and Sean Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Haggie
Katherine Haigh
Sheila Hammond, RSCJ ASH'61
Peggy and Steve Hampton
Lisa and Kit Hand
Alexis and Edward Hanlon
Alexis Hanlon
Eileen Hannigan
Fran and Terrence Hansen
Ms. Blair Hanson
John P. Harding H'77
Joey Christine Molenda and James B. Hardy
Paula and Robert Harris
Elizabeth Montague and David Harris
Stephanie Nash Hart and Paul B. Hart
Marina O'Leary Hartnett ASH'75 and Daniel John
     Hartnett H'71
Andrea O'Leary Hasten ASH'71
Beth and Scott Haviland
The Frederick and Colette Barr Heldring Charitable
Emily and Joe Helfrich
Andrea and David Helms
The Henderson Family
The Hendrickson Family
Mrs. Anna Roque Henning ASH'83
Henry Crown and Company
Ms. Jeannifer M. Hernandez
Mr. Leonardo Hernandez
Marina Hernandez, RSCJ ASH'60
Sue Heybach
Mary Ann and James Hoey
Amy and David Hoffman
Amy and Kevin Hogan
Mrs. Judith Callahan Holmes ASH'56
Natalie Holz
Jessica Hotz
Ms. Adelynn Hubbard
Cheri and Tom Hubbard
Carol Anne and Bart Huff
Alice and John Huff
The Hussey-Gonzalez Family
Mr. Russell W. Huxhold
Katie and Mark Hytros
IBM Corporation
Andrea and Alan Iovine
Stacy and Neill Jakobe
Ms. Angela Janovici
Ms. Alexis Goettsch Johannknecht A'87
Margo Oelerich Johnson A'05
Ms. Amanda Cox and Mr. Chris Johnson
Ms. Katherine K. DellaMaria and Mr. William E. Johnson
Mrs. Ann Layman Jordan ASH'56
Danielle Joyer A'10
Sean Joyer H'19
Lisa and Jeff Jozwiak
Ms. Kristine Jurczyk
Margaret Kane
Isabel and Jason Karceski
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kasten
Mrs. Michelle Keen
Judith D. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Kip Kelley H'78
Michelle and Jeff Kerr
Catherine Kestler
Pascale Kidanu Johnson A'94
Jennifer Tanaka and Damon Kiely
Kristina Pauley and Christopher Kiergan
Mr. Frank Kiley H'60
Andrea and Scott Kindorf
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Mrs. Donna Heidersbach Kissel ASH'56
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Klein
Cindy and David Knapp
Ms. Cristina Knopfhart
The Chiumino-Knott Family
Mia and Doug Koch
Amy and Craig Korte
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kortfelt
Genevieve H. Kosciolek A'15
Kiera O. Kosciolek A'11
Charlie Kost H'17
Kory and Brian Kozlowski
Juliet and Christopher Krawczyk
Michele Kruse
Amylu Tiahnybik Kurzawski ASH'71
Mr. Shukhrat Kuvatbekova and Ms. Rashida Panoeva
Ms. Kristin E. Lagerquist A'92
Kerstin and Joe Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Lane
Ms. Jane A. Layman ASH'58
Mr. Stephen A. Layman H'62
Ms. Nicole J. Lechniak A'91
Carrie Graham Lee ASH'86
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Lee
Ms. Solome A. Assgu and Mr. Michael Lemma
Andrea Lenaburg
Julianna M. Leone A'09
Kristin Lesser
Shannon and Matt Leutheuser
Mary Ann Ligon
Mrs. Stacy G. Lind
Sarah and Tom Lisy
Terese and Edmund Lomasney
Ms. Catherine E. Long ASH'74
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Love
Stephanie and Ken Love
Tiffany and Matt Lovell
Molly and Jeff Lowe
Kathleen Lowry
Ms. Breanna Macdonald
Ms. Annika Magnusson
Ms. Gail Maheras
Mrs. Kimberly Malafaia
Laura and Jeff Malec
Amy and Mike Manelli
Matt T. Manley
Mrs. Regina Schaefer Mann ASH'70
Colleen and Eric Mansell
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Marchant
Barbara Phelan and Carl Marinacci
Ms. Patricia F. Sharkey and Mr. John G. Markowski
Kymberly and Thomas Marrinson
Letty and Tony Marsico
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Martens
Lisa Martin
Dr. Anisha Martin and Dr. Jeffrey Martin
Erin and Dan McCarthy
Liam McClimans H'16
Marianne McDonald A'50
Brian E. McGuinness
Laura and David McHugh
The McIntyre Family
Ms. Susan McKean
The McKinney Family
Kathleen and Charles McMahon
Ms. Christi Meade
Candace Mueller and Dario Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Amit Mehta
Meaza Mekonnen
Courtney and Troy Melstrom
Joan Merlo ASH'72
Ms. Carolyn Meurer
Kathy and Bob Mignin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Miller
Ms. Mirela Milos
Yana and Greg Moldovanyi
Mr. and Mrs. David Mondrus
Mayela and Eduardo Montemayor
Mary Jean Montgomery and Dick Montgomery
Moving Lives Ahead Foundation
Mr. Sean P. Munster H'80
Marjie Murphy
Nicole and Chris Murphy
Celeste Mammoser Murphy ASH'70
Annie and Michael Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Mygatt A'83
Kim Soo and Patrick Nagle
Rajita and Saurabh Narain
Maggie and Karl Nass
Ms. Asiliya Jonboboeva and Mr. Gulruz Nazrishoev
Herb Nechin
Meggan and Joseph Needham
Cassidy and Eric Neveux
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nichols H'54
Ms. Claire Niciforo
Nancy Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Norton

Mr. James R. Nuessen, Jr.
Alicia Siston and T. Tom Numbere
Nuveen Investments
Erin and Chris O'Brien
Ms. Mariann O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O'Connell
Ms. Annette Marie O'Donnell
Anna and Ryan O'Donnell
Mary and Frank Oelerich
Ms. Rosemary O'Neil ASH'42
Orangetheory Fitness - Edgewater
Simone and Bryan O'Rear
Mr. Jose Orellana
Mr. Rudy Orozco
Shawna and Jay Owen
The Pagani Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Page
Josephine O'Leary Pallasch ASH'67
Mrs. Ann Therese Palmer and Mr. Robert P. Palmer
Sharon and Wojtek Palmowski
Ms. Renee Pappas
Cora and Mark Passis
Dr. Sabrina K. Pasztor A'83
Ms. Laura Patricio-Bellizzi
Lynn M. Patterson
Cynthia and Jim Patti
Lisa Paulsen
Todd Paulson
The Pearce Family
Jona and Rod Penner
Julie and Joe Perona
Mrs. Courtney Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Igor Petrushchak
Katie and Brian Phelan
Elizabeth K. Philipp A'05
Ms. Teresa T. Philipp
Alysse B. Piggott A'07
Mr. Eero A. Pikat H'90
Jennifer and Perry Pinto
Ms. Lauren Plush
Anna and James Pohl
Polk Bros. Foundation
Mrs. Alexandra Pond
Christine and Jay Poorman
Razan and Stephen Prassas
The Pray-O'Shea Family
Dr. Allan V. Prochazka H'66
Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Przybylo
Mr. John Ptak
Kristin and Christopher Quinn
The Rafter Family
Ms. Junu Kunwar and Mr. Jitendra B. Rana
Emily and Chris Raub
RBC Wealth Management
Marie Regala
Ms. Julie Reinhardt
Jill Renn
Tracy and Phillip Rhodes
Caroline Riise A'13
Erika Cornelisen and Eno Rocha
Mrs. Kathleen Roderer
The Rodgers Family
Maria Rodriguez A'08
Beth and Gabriel Rodriguez
Mr. Desmond Roebuck
Suzanne Rogers, RSCJ
Ellen and Stephen Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rossmann
Laura Ruperez A'12
Ashley E. Russell
Christy Russell
Wells and John Ryan
Lydia and Pat Ryan H'81
Georgina Sagert
Ms. MariaPaz Salas
Ms. Bresi Salvador
Jennifer Sampson
Sonia Samra
Kimberly Ulrich and Michael Sandow
The Santillan Rivera Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stefano Sassi
Jennifer Kraft and Colin Scantlebury
Elizabeth Cassidy and Matthew Schlatter
Mr. and Mrs. Matson Schwalm
The Schwartz Family
Lisa Senft
The Sensenbrenner Family
Robyn and Ward Sexton
Ms. Joan M. Sextro ASH'54
Heather and Mike Shaffer
Tara and Chris Shannon
Sally Sharp
Mr. Dennis Sharpe
The Sheaffer Family
Elisabeth and C. Carson Shearon
Claire and Matthew Shehorn
Kristin and Wes Shepherd
Bina and Nathan Shetty
Maria and Jason Shideler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Sidrys
Amanda Siekierski
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Sierra
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Simon
Karen Croteau and Steve Simoncic
Betsy Simpson
Ms. Hanley Simpson
Maureen and Ron Sippel
Mr. Krzysztof Skiba
Jeff Smith
Colette and Tom Smithburg
Jiwon Son and Stephen Farrell
Kirsten and Francis Sorensen
Tina and Don Sorota
Lisa and John Souter
Mital and George Spatz
State Farm
Kathleen and Alex Steele
Joanne Barranco Steenveld ASH'56
Jane M. Steinfels ASH'92
Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Stevens
John E. Stewart
Ms. Amanda Stieber
Alison and Jeff Stogsdill
Mrs. Roberta A. Stokes
Mr. Brian Storey H'81
Kendra and Ken Sullivan
Carol and Jack Sum
Alicia Newland and James Sumoski
Mr. and Mrs. Kristofer Swanson
The Treacy-Swartz Family
Ms. Taylor Corbitt and Mr. Christopher Sweeney
Ms. Megan Szajna
Kristie and Steve Szczerba
Ms. Esther Park and Mr. Ryan A. Tagal
Mr. Meyer DiazMr. Juan Tamparillas
Ms. Tigist T. Gebretsadik and Mr. Girma M. Tekele
Ms. Eden Teklmicheal
Donna Terry
Ms. Marissa Simbulan and Mr. Timothy Tews
Ms. Hyacintha Thomas
Ms. Tiffany Harper and Mr. Graham Thomas
Robert W. Thomas H'59
Mr. Donald Thorson H'57
Lisa and Dan Tiemann
Jane Mary Finn Tighe ASH'53
Anne Marie Tirpak
Mrs. Caitlin Tobin
Megan and Gavin Toepke
Mrs. Janet Halla Trily ASH'58
Megan and Tom Trolley A'89
Twin Trees Foundation
United Way of Metro Chicago
Karen Uselmann
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Van Alyea
Mr. and Mrs. James Van Nortwick
Molly and Jeremy VanDerMeid
Clarisa Vela
Alexandra and Erik Voigt
Robin DeLamar Voigt ASH'73
Susan Vonder Heide
Anne A. Wachter, RSCJ
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wall H'85
John & Carol Walter Family Foundation
The Warners Family
Brandon Weaver
Mrs. Joanne Weaver
Mary and Bob Weber
Megan and Brad Weidenhammer
Ms. Elsa Mussie and Mr. Yared Weldu
Ms. Millie Welker
Nat Wilburn
Ms. Kaylee B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Winnen
Nicole and Eric Winter
Megan and Rich Witzel
Noelle Wojciechowski A'13
Mr. Kebreab Woldemariam
Mr. Rafal Woloszyn
Melody and Steven Womack
Ms. Kristen Wood
Joan Schneider Wrenn ASH'55
Harold D. Wright and Hazel C. Wright Foundation
Anne Auten and Jim Wyman
Rebeca Aguilar and Alex Wyman H'91
Joey C. Yao H'86
Betsy and Jeff Zeiger
Dale Ziegler
Jennifer Zielinski
Elizabeth Johnson Zimmer ASH'68
Dr. Grace Yum Zimmermann and Kent Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zitella
Anonymous (71)