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Catholic, Independent Elementary Schools Serving Chicago's Children Since 1876


Legacy Bricks

Legacy Brick

Sacred Heart Legacy Bricks are a wonderful way to commemorate your family's time here at Sacred Heart or to celebrate milestone events such as:

  • First Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduation
  • Prize Day
  • Retirement of a favorite teacher or coach
  • In memory of a deceased SHS community member

Please contact or 773.751.7637 if you have any questions.

The Schools are entirely self-supporting and do not receive subsidies from the Catholic Church or the Society of the Sacred Heart. As a 501 (C) (3), not-for-profit institution, gifts to Sacred Heart (Federal Tax ID #36-2170839) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. All gifts made between July 1 and June 30 are recognized in our Annual Report, mailed in the fall each year.



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Alexandra Voigt
Development Director


Kate and Paul Bradley, A8

Kathleen and Brian Phelan, H1, H3

Kate and Dan Adamany, JK, SK, H3
Valerie and Mike Alexander, A7
Bobbi and James Anderson, H3, A5, H7
Liz and Troy Barnett, A1, H6
Paula and Greg Bork, JK, H3
Heather and John Hendrickson, H6, A’19
Mia and Doug Koch, H2, H5
Courtney and Troy Melstrom, A2, A5
Kelly and Scott Newhall, SK, H’19
Kristin and Chris Quinn, H6, A7
Kara and Chris Sheaffer, H2, A4, A5
Maria and Jason Shideler, SK, A1
Nicole and Brian Smith, SK, A4
Lisa and Ted Stevens, SK, A2
Alison and Jeff Stogsdill, SK, H3

Margo Oelerich A’05
Alumnae Representative

Brad Gutzler H’94
Alumni Representative

Janice and Kevin Lee, A'12, A'10
Parents of Alumni Representatives