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Masterpiece: Inspiring Education

On June 30, 2017, Sacred Heart Schools successfully completed the Masterpiece Campaign, surpassing our $9.7M goal and closing the largest campaign in the Schools' history on Sheridan Road.

Gifts support growing the endowment for financial aid ($2M), implementing the Initiative for Excellence in Teaching and Learning ($3.5M) and physical campus enhancements ($4.2M).

Coffee and Conversation Events

The Coffee and Conversation event series provided the Faculty, Staff and Students benefiting from the Masterpiece Campaign an opportunity to share how their teaching and learning are being impacted. Click on the stories below to learn more about the implementation of the Masterpiece Campaign.

Instructional Coaching for Educational Excellence

Dr. Elizabeth Coleman and Natalie Warden, Instructional Coaches, shared how they work with individual and small groups of teachers to provide ongoing professional development.

Dissecting Differentiation: How Does Sacred Heart Do It?

Marjie Murphy, Sacred Heart's Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Karen Uselmann, our Student Services Team Coordinator, describe Sacred Heart'sdifferentiation and The Learning Center.

The Third Teacher: Our New Learning Spaces

Primary School Division Head, Lisa Zimmer, shared about cutting-edge, interdisciplinary learning in the STEAM Lab. Christy Crandall, and two seventh grade students gave an in-depth view of the research and planning process for upcoming playground renovations.

We have met the challenge!

An anonymous donor issued a challenge, promising a 2-to-1 match of alumni, grandparent and past parents contributions up to $375,000. The $375,000 goal was met before June 30, 2017, securing an additional $750,000 contribution from the donor!

For this challenge, every $1 donated raised $3 for Sacred Heart Schools!

Why do you support the Masterpiece Campaign?

Liz & Matt Connelly, Parents of Academy 7th Grader

"We are proud to be a part of the Masterpiece Campaign and to have the opportunity to give back to Sacred Heart! As a family, we believe we have benefited from being a part of this community in so many ways beginning the day our oldest daughter Maggie started in kindergarten 17 years ago. We have been enriched by the values we all share through the Sacred Heart goals and criteria, we have been enriched by the wonderful friendships we developed with fellow parents throughout the years and we have been enriched by the exceptional education Sacred Heart has provided for our four children."

Maureen & Ron Sippel, Parents of Alumni

"We joined the Masterpiece Campaign because we believe so deeply in a Sacred Heart education that is accessible to everyone. Our entire family benefited from being affiliated with Sacred Heart, and we hope that many other families can have that same experience.

The Masterpiece Campaign will allow SHS to become the best elementary school in the city while also opening up opportunities for scholarships allowing more children the ability to take advantage of that education."

Lisa & Jeff Jozwiak, Parents of Hardey 5th and 7th Grader; Academy 2nd Grader

"We are supporters of this campaign because it is truly transformative for our own children and for all students and faculty at Sacred Heart. Nat's initiatives for teaching and learning innovation extend the legacy of academic excellence that the school has maintained for 140 years. Nothing could be more aligned with the vision of St. Madeline Sophie and the powerful mission of Sacred Heart Schools."


Browse the video gallery to learn more about the Masterpiece Campaign.


Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Masterpiece Campaign.

Goal: $9.7M
Total Raised: $9.845M

Campaign goal met
June 30, 2017!

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campaign leadership

Honorary Chairpersons
Lydia & Patrick Ryan, Jr. H‘81

Elizabeth & Michael Cole
Elizabeth & Matt Connelly
Eleanor & Michael Husman H‘89
Lisa & Jeff Jozwiak
Shawna & Jay Owen, Jr.
Maureen & Ron Sippel

Primary School Representatives
Laura & George Bilicic
Katie & Nicholas Davies
Carolyn & Yale Henderson
Sarah & Kip Kelley H‘78
Erin & Christopher O’Brien
Carrie & Matt Parr
Emily & Christopher Raub
Robyn & Ward Sexton
Kristen & Stefan Szczerba

Lower School Representatives
Liz & Dan Bayston
Catherine & Matthew Denny
Stephanie Nash Hart & Paul B. Hart
Colleen & Eric Mansell
Jona & Rod Penner
Christine & Jay Poorman
Heather Bolton & Jason Vedder

Middle School Representatives
Michaela & Pete D’Arrigo
Jaala & Brian Good
Christy & Carson Kyhl
Maura & Bill Starshak

Grandparent Representatives
Jim & Cate Denny
Jim & Joan Haggarty Eggers ASH'55
Mary & Bill Goodrich
Neil F. Hartigan H'51
Kay Husman
Martin May
Cathie & Allan Ryan

Parents of Alumni Representatives
Colleen & Michael Kirchberg

Alumni Representatives
Christopher Doolin H‘00
Lisa Evans Scully ASH‘83
Peter Wall H‘85
Joey Yao H‘86

Board Development Committee
Lisa Tiemann, Chair