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Quiz Night 2022 - Sponsorship

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Prize Day Celebration!

Cora and Mark Passis

Let's Conge Together!

Stacy and Neill Jakobe

Anonymous (1)

The Year We Got Back Together!

Bobbi and James Anderson

The Barlow Family

Graham and Alyssa Blackwell

Ashley and Stan Chia

Rahul and Natalie Danak

Ben and Cory Daverman

The Gaito Family

Maureen and Brendan Gilligan

Sarah and Dan Jamieson

Amanda Cox and Chris Johnson

Matt and Tiffany Lovell

Kasey and Drew Macha

Taylor Corbitt and Chris Sweeney

Anonymous (1)

It's Goute to be Together Again!

Mary and Christopher Anderson

Beth and Brian Bentley

Liz and Brad Borchers

Jennifer and Marc Bush

John Dugenske and Jacqueline Bush

Patrick and Helena Collins

Darin and Chelli Facer

David and JoAnn Falato

The Hand Family

Kelly and John Kelly

Molly and Jeff Lowe

Anne and Shawn Mansfield

Katie and Charlie McMahon

Tom and Carrie Merritt

Greg and Yana Moldovanyi

Annie and Mike Murray

The Neveux Family

The Raub Family

The Royer Family

Robyn and Ward Sexton

Heather and Mike Shaffer

Alicia Newland and James Sumoski

Tom and Megan Trolley

Emily and Peter Wall

Megan and Rich Witzel

Hot Dog (Lunch) We're Back Together!

The Arch Family

Ericka and Thomas Baran

Rosemary Harp and Greg Bays

Brian and Louise Benzer

Caryn & Jonathan Borg-Breen

Maggie and Adam Clifford

Kate and Chris DeLeeuw

Susan Eggers

Angela and Geoffrey Euston

Tim and Jill FitzSimons

Carrie and Kevin Garnier

Christy and Graham Gerst

Sean and Lisa Haas

The Hendrickson Family

Cheri and Tom Hubbard

Katie and Mark Hytros

Dan and Julie Klein

Cindy and David Knapp

The Chiumino-Knott Family

Amy and Craig Korte

Emily and Chris Lund

Laura and Jeff Malec

Kelly & Sado Marinovic

Kelly and Sado Marinovic

Laura and Jeff Malec

Jess and Ted McCartan

Amy McCarty and Timothy Mikesell

Andrew and Denise Miller

Erin and Christopher O'Brien

The O'Meara Family

Razan and Stephen Prassas

Michelle and Shaun Reilly

Kristine Jurczyk and Will Rodgers

Wells and John Ryan

Meg Steele

Maribeth & David Somers

Rory Rafter and Heidi Thatcher

Gintaras and Gloria Vaisnys

Jeremy and Molly VanDerMeid

Leah Hammer and Michael West, Jr.

Semere Weldendrias and Rahel Zerazion

Together Our School Rocks!

Mesgana Woldeyesus and Mahder Agdubai

Hannah Watts and Ryan Andrews

Evan and Gingle Angara

Aron Bahta and Yodit Measho

Josh Niedner and Jen Bergquist

Rosalie and Gregory Bork

Jack and Jenny Brown

Rob and Jen Burns

Art Mary Kay Bushonville

Lindsay Walter Carlton

Jennifer Clark

Catherine Denny

Adriene and Gene Dibble

Katarzyna Bernacki and Petri Fast

Angela Williams and Tom Fitzmaurice

Yodit Abraham and Fanuel Gabriel

Mariam Kappil and George Gettys

Jo and Alexi Giannoulias H'90

The Hardy Family

Carolyn and Yale Henderson

Amy and David Hoffman

Chenin and Rick Kienzler

Jerry and Cristina Lawrence

Benjamin Liu and Sun-Yeong Shin

Anisha and Jeffrey Martin

Courtney and Troy Melstrom

Stacy and David Mondrus

Alex and Will Murphy

The Simon Murphy Family

Katie and Brian Phelan

The Savas Family

The Schwartz Family

Tara and Chris Shannon

Chris and Kara Sheaffer

The Shehorn Family

Carol and Jason Shilson

Terri and Ravi Soni

Uma Amuluru and John Theis

Nicole and Eric Winter

145 Years of Togetherness on Sheridan Road!

The Adumetey Family

Molly and Jim Buczynski

Tom and Irene Curry

Hanna Seyum and Daniel Dagnachew

Paula and Bill Davidson

Kristen Benoit-Evans and Kyle Evans

Lucia and Louis Glunz

Kara and John Goodwin

Emily and Joe Helfrich

Bezawit Abebe and Teshita Kabeto

Mia and Doug Koch

Eleanor and Kyle Larman

Jen and James Lukas

Julie Bosman and Jeremy McCarter

The McIntyre Family

Jennifer and Ryan McManus

The Nagle Family

Anna and James Pohl

Kate and Peter Rumpf

Minal Varma and Vineet Sandill

Elizabeth Cassidy and Matthew Schlatter

Reva and Mark Smith

Frank and Kirsten Sorensen

Summer Avery and Thomas Starshak

Lisa and Ted Stevens

Frank and Kirsten Sorensen

Colleen and Onur Surgit

Tiffany Harper and Graham Thomas

Megan & Gavin Toepke

Rachel and Jordan Warners

Megan and Brad Weidenhammer

David & Jessie Zoretic