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This is the place to get all your Sheridan Road news, from social posts to newsworthy items. Learn more about the SHS difference in relevant articles, tips, suggestions and perspective shared by our faculty and staff through our new blog, Heart of the Matter.

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Strategies for Managing Screen Time over the Summer

As summer approaches, many parents find themselves grappling with the challenge of managing their children's screen time. Balancing screen time with other activities is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fostering well-rounded development. Here are some effective strategies to help.

  • Technology
Why Single Gender Education in a Co-educational Environment is The Best of Both Worlds

Sacred Heart Schools is uniquely positioned to offer the best that single-gender and co-ed environments provide. Single-gender classrooms allow each student to feel empowered to express themselves, explore their identity, strive, grow, fail and learn in a safe atmosphere that fosters confidence. Many co-educational opportunities help students continue to grow in building relationships, collaboration, and skills to help them thrive in the world.

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Maximizing Language Learning in Elementary School

Integrating two languages into the earliest stages of a student's learning cycle starts a path to successful language learning. Later, immersive opportunities extending far beyond words and sentence construction develop a deeper understanding.

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        Student Paige B. was recently featured on CBS News for her outstanding animal advocacy. She's raised thousands of dollars through different initiatives, including an SHS Bagel Sale. Watch the report here!

        Misericordia honored two of our beloved staff members, Maria Paz Salas and Christy Crandall, with their Champion Spotlight award. Read all about how they serve the greater community through this special partnership.


        This year, we focus on Goal IV: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to the building of community as a Christian value.