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This is the place to get all your Sheridan Road news, from social posts to newsworthy items. Learn more about the SHS difference in relevant articles, tips, suggestions and perspective shared by our faculty and staff through our new blog, Heart of the Matter.

Heart of the Matter

a blog inspired by the Sacred Heart difference

Where the Best Middle School Science Programs Begin

The best academic programs begin with the teacher. Sam Hinton grew up in New Zealand but after visiting Chicago was inspired to move to Sacred Heart Schools, taking on the role of science teacher, and now Chair of the Middle School Science Department.

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Differentiated Learning Makes the Difference

Teachers at Sacred Heart know well that every child comes into the classroom with a range of abilities, strengths, and areas for growth. Differentiation in teaching aims to meet each student where they are, to help them flourish.

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It's Never Too Soon to Start STEM Learning

Students at Sacred Heart start on the STEM path in the earliest grades. Take a peek at one such project and see how third-graders are molded into young engineers and environmentally aware citizens. 

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      November was Share the Heart Month. Thank you to our wonderful community for their heartfelt participation!

      Congratulations to two of our beloved staff members, Maria Paz Salas and Christy Crandall, for being honored with the Misericordia Champion Spotlight Award! Read all about this special partnership here.


      This year, we focus on Goal IV: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to the building of community as a Christian value.