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Spiritual Life

The goal of spiritual life at Sacred Heart is to inspire our students, families, faculty, and staff to search for a relationship with God.

Realizing that we can best find God within a community, we walk together as we question and seek answers that can help us grow in a personal and active faith that is relevant in today’s world.

“Our education is not meant to turn the children out small and finished, but seriously begun on a wide-basis. Therefore, they must leave us with some self-knowledge, some energy, some purpose...If they leave us without these three things they drift with the stream of life.” -Mother Janet Erskine Stuart

The foundation for religious life of the Sacred Heart community is the charism (the inspirational purpose and gift to share with the world) of the Religious of the Sacred Heart and the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education. The essence of Sacred Heart education at Sheridan Road is the opportunity to fully integrate the Goals and Criteria into our daily lives. We want our students to be aware of God’s presence, to experience the sacred all around them, to be educated and engaged people of faith, to be committed to service, to value relationships and our school’s heritage, and to recognize their personal growth and development.

“Above all, get in the habit of thinking about God.” – Madeleine Sophie Barat

Faith is rooted in mystery and, at the same time, an active choice that is best lived when one is knowledgeable about one’s faith. Our hope is to engage the whole person, heart and head, as they discern their mission in life. Sheridan Road is Roman Catholic and a place of welcome. We invite all of our students – and their families – to reflect on their experiences, come into a deeper awareness of their gifts and passions, and grow in their faith. Our community is approximately 62% Roman Catholic with Christians of other denominations, notably those with a strong liturgical (communal prayer) tradition (significantly Orthodox Christian, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian), comprising another 30%. Along with families who identify as Jewish or Inter-faith, we have a growing population of Hindu and Muslim students. As a Sacred Heart school, we welcome people of all faiths and traditions to be a part of our community. We celebrate that peace and unity come from a healthy religious diversity.

Sharing Our Faith at SHS